Today is the two year anniversary of the launch of As I mentioned last year on this day – I will always remember sprinting to the subway station to pick up copies of the Metro with my picture in it and a profile on TalentEgg – officially launching the site and the business.

Year 1 was a roller coaster. And guess what? Year 2 was too.

Yesterday morning I met with a recent graduate to chat about TalentEgg. About 10 minutes into the conversation, she said “Wow, you have a lot of milestones happening and coming up right now”. And it’s true, between moving to a new and bigger office (1500 sq ft!), re-developing the site (for the 4th time), building a sales team (we’ve eggspanded to 6 people!), and the other 75,000 things happening, we’re really going through a transformation.

As a business, we’ve left the startup phase and are into growth mode. Q1, 2010 was good, Q2 will be even better.

As a service to students and employers, we’re not ‘shiny and new’ by virtue of being young anymore, we’re ‘shiny and new’ because of the fantastic content that we’ve learned to consistently produce – from jobs, to articles, to our new “Focus” series. We’re shiny and new because we’re always innovating, and always surprising our stakeholders – in a good way.

Over the past year, we’ve helped thousands upon thousands of students (now 50,000 each month!), and over 200 employers connect. In year 3, we’ll be expanding our service offering, strengthening the WIN WIN WIN value proposition we offer all of our ‘clients’ – employers, students, and now educators too.

In our new Answers section, there was recently a thread about keeping a really, really long resume with all of the things you’ve ever done, so that when it’s time to customize your resume for a specific job, you can easily pull out the experiences that relate the most.

Well, I have a secret little document hidden on my computer where I try to keep track of all our accomplishments at TalentEgg. I’ll share a few from the past year:

– Creating content partnerships with The Globe and Mail’s GlobeCampus and T.O.Night magazine
– Presenting our strong thoughts on Campus Recruiting and Gen Y to employers through Graham Donald’s Campus Recruiting Forums (in Toronto, Edmonton and Waterloo), The Conference Board of Canada, and Canadian Government, as well as through the Canadian HR Reporter
– Contributing a quote to a book to be published this spring, and being featured in a textbook on Advertising to be published in 2011
– Recognized as Media for various events, from the launch of the movie “Post Grad” to Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec, to the launch of new products such as books and the Poken!
– Winner of the IMPACT pitch competition!
– Presenting at numerous Universities and Colleges on entrepreneurship and job hunting
– Launching the website, again, as well as various new products – TalentEgg Answers, LAUNCH Magazine, Focus on Retail (and the Focus series in general)
– Reaching 30,000 then 40,000 then 50,000 in monthly unique visitors
– Signing on more and more employers that we are so, so proud of
– this was definitely a year of major leaps for Editorial on TalentEgg, and Cassandra and I were lucky to working with some the best people in the world – with a special shout out to the assistant editors and writers for The Incubator and Launch

Each week, the TalentEgg team sits down together on Friday afternoon and shares successes from the past week. Given that each week, each member of the team has successes to share, you can imagine that this list is by no means exhaustive.

There’s a joke in our office. Apparently I’m always saying “GUYS, WE’RE AT THE TIPPING POINT. LET’S PUT OUT HEADS DOWN – WE’RE ALMOST THERE!”. The truth is, I recognized long ago that I’m always reaching for the next goal, and so “THERE” doesn’t really exist.

I’m very much looking forward to another year of chasing big goals, and continuing to surprise our audience (students, employers, educators) with a product that is constantly evolving and innovating.

On Wednesday, April 7, I’ll be appearing on Canada AM, talking about our 2 year anniversary and providing tips to students looking for meaningful summer work. RW&CO Yorkdale graciously provided an outfit for me for the occasion (video to come!). Check it out: 8:15am on CTV.

…Thank you sincerely for another eggcelent year!