On Monday, I participated in the Conference Board of Canada’s Annual Compensation Outlook. And by participated, I mean I spoke on the topic of Gen-Y recruitment/compensation in the current economy.

I was asked to speak at this conference after the organizer saw an article I’d written for the Canadian HR Reporter…in JUNE. So, needless to say, I left preparation a little late and was panicking this past weekend realizing that my audience would be WAY more experienced in this field than I was.

I decided that whatever I said, it would have to be bold. And it sure was. I spoke about the value of resumes, the practice of on-campus recruiting, and even pushed the value of Arts students/soft-skills in the workplace.

I explained that I was not an expert in years, but that I was in a somewhat unique position in the market and as such, could potentially offer a unique point of view:

My speech was very well received and the audience had many questions afterward, ranging from ‘How do you motivate Gen-Y in the workplace?’ to ‘Do you think, in today’s market, that employers almost need to be making resumes for students, instead of the other way around?’.

I was also stopped by a few people after the presentation who wanted to express that they agreed with my points, and (in many cases), that they had children who were Arts graduates, who were exceptionally smart and motivated, and who couldn’t get a job.

Overall, a fantastic experience. And like my Facebook status says, I think I might like this public speaking thing. Hopefully more to come!