I’m CassandraTalentEgg’s online community manager and the newest addition to the TalentEgg blog.

From now on, I will be contributing to the blog and to the Learn section of the main website at least a few times a week, as well as chatting with people all over the Internet about student and new grad jobs, among other things. And TalentEgg, of course!

Currently, I’m a fourth-year print journalism student at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ont.

I had the great pleasure of working at TalentEgg over the summer as a sales and marketing intern. Although I had to give up that position to start my last year of school in September, I’ve stayed in-the-know about all things TalentEgg and I’ve been dying to be part of this team again.

Thanks for having me back, and I’m looking forward to writing for the website and blog