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Recruiters – Here’s How Your Introverted Qualities Can Help You Source Top Talent

At first glance, a campus recruiter’s job description has extrovert written all over it.

After all, work days consist of meeting new people, conducting interviews, and attending industry events. But while being outgoing and talkative is certainly useful for recruiting, introverted qualities also have their place in the field.

Here are 4 reasons why introverts make egg-ceptional recruiters!

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Conference recap: International best practices in digital and online campus recruitment

Bringing his extensive global experience back to Toronto, Tyler Turnbull shared his recommendations for best practices in digital and online campus recruitment, and also provided a few examples of incredible employer branding campaigns from The British Army and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).

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Gen Y Recruitment Insider: Campus Recruitment Trends for 2011-2012

When campus recruiters, marketers, human resources professionals and others registered to attend our recent Gen Y Recruitment Insider event, we asked them to fill out an informal survey about their strategies for the upcoming year.

The results show that while some things will remain the same this year – such as, 69% of respondents are participating in the big September campus recruitment drive – other strategies are shifting: Nearly three quarters (73%) of respondents will use digital media a little bit or much more than they did last year, while a quarter will use it the same as they did last year. Only 2% said they will use digital media way less than last year.

There also seems to be a trend away from career fairs toward information sessions: The majority (61%) will only attend 1-5 career fairs on campus, but more than half will hold 5-10 or 10+ information sessions.

Finally, our survey shows that the spend-per-hire is quite low, with more than three quarters (77%) spending $0-3K per hire.

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