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Looking Past The Degree: What Every Recruiter Should Know

If you’re recruiting students and recent grads, you might have a vision of what the “perfect” resume and degree background looks like. But while that applicant may possess the right degree under their belt, they may not necessarily have the right soft skills for the position.

New graduates with the motivation, professionalism, and desire to learn about their target industry are the ones who find the most success and these traits aren’t limited to certain majors. That’s why it’s important to consider applicants from diverse backgrounds – after all, having employees with a wide range of experiences can help you build a much stronger and well-rounded team. But, hiring new graduates from different disciplines comes with its own set of challenges – the most obvious one being how to assess the candidate’s application without taking their educational background into account.

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Extracurricular activities: How to differentiate top Gen Y talent

When it comes to recruiting top talent, details distinguish the best candidate.

Exceptional students and grads are often cut from the same cloth: they’re memorable, have had great academic success and have built a solid foundation of relevant work experience throughout their post-secondary careers.

Recruiting a pool of high-quality candidates has the potential to elevate your employer brand and strengthen your workforce, but when competition for an open opportunity is fierce, narrowing down your top picks can feel impossible.

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