For the past two and a half years, we have been sharing office space with the amazing people at SGGG FSI. To say that we “Share” office space is a bit misleading, because I started out working from a vacant secretary’s desk here.

From there, we grew into a cubicle that was vacated by auditors who had been in previously, and then into a storage room that became vacant. As we grew even more, we finally ended up with a few spots in a big room of cubicles, plus a room for our sales team.

Over the past few months, it became clear that we needed our own space – if only because the great people from SGGG FSI were likely getting tired of our loud laughter and the occasional video blog shoot!

So today, we say farewell to our shared space as we prepare to embark on a new egg-celent adventure at 18 Gloucester Lane (thanks to the best commercial Realtor out there – Chris Fyvie!).

Here’s a little video we recorded after our cake party with SGGG FSI!