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Unique Experiences to Develop Your Future Talent Pipeline

As we’ve already mentioned in this Guide, students are looking for more meaningful ways to connect with employers beyond the typical career fair. What better way to showcase your workplace culture than providing unique opportunities for students and grads to get involved? These experiences will help to develop your future talent pipeline in a rewarding and effective way.

“I think continuing to engage students and coming up with more creative campus engagement strategies will definitely help [organizations]. Try something new, show students what their lives at [your company] would be like. Bring employees, bring execs. Show students why they should choose you.”
– Mallory Thompson, Western University, 2019

TalentEgg has partnered with some amazing organizations that have created initiatives for students and grads to get involved – from challenges to volunteering and everything in between. In our survey, students and grads said that they are looking for opportunities for professional development and growth, with 71% saying the most important thing they’re looking for in a career is gaining job experience and building their future career path.

For example, we partnered with Data VizArt (DVA), powered by Deloitte, Tableau and CIBC, to raise awareness of their data visualization competition that gave students an opportunity to work in a team, present their solutions in front of executives and win a grand prize of $3000! TalentEgg’s Blitz Campaign that DVA used to promote their challenge included Leaderboard, Big Box and Wallpaper ads, as well as social media promotion, custom editorials and email blasts to best reach our audience.

This challenge gave students a chance to network with potential employers, develop essential analytical skills and be a part of something outside of the classroom that directly impacts their careers.

Big Box Ads: DVA

Big Box Ads: DVA

Another egg-citing way for students to not just develop their skills, but also meet top Canadian employers face-to-face is CEOx1Day. TalentEgg is a proud partner of this program, created by Odgers Berndtson, which provides students the opportunity to shadow an influential CEO of a leading organization for one day, experience what their workday involves, get advice and build long-lasting connections. CEOx1Day gives students an opportunity to apply in-class learning to a real world situation, equipping them with the tools and skills to start building their careers. TalentEgg supports the CEOx1Day program with promotion to our student and grad job seekers with our Blitz Campaign across our social media channels, online advertising on our website, editorial success stories on our blog and email blasts during the application period.

As a part of the application, eligible third or fourth year students have the opportunity to complete an online leadership assessment and receive a personalized report from Hogan Assessments. The report provides feedback on leadership skills, like relationship building, goal setting and strategic thinking, to help the students understand and identify their strengths and weaknesses to build their potential. In addition, all semi-finalists are considered for an interview with McKinsey & Company for a summer internship or full-time placement.

Creating a way for students and grads to participate in a fun, competitive challenge will attract young talent to your organization and give them an opportunity to “show their stuff’ in a demonstrative way. Not only will providing these opportunities create fun, engaging and memorable ways for students to learn more about your organization, it also enhances your employer brand and reputation. At TalentEgg we are here to help you produce and execute your student Challenges and promote it to top candidates across Canada.

Custom Editorial: CEOx1Day

Wallpaper, Big Box and Leaderboard Ads: HOEM on Jarvis

Wallpaper, Big Box and Leaderboard Ads: HOEM on Jarvis

Wallpaper, Big Box and Leaderboard Ads: HOEM on Jarvis

The 3 Quickest Ways To Lose A Star Candidate

It’s a rare moment when everything comes together perfectly in the hiring process. You meet a new grad that exudes confidence, and they fit the job description to a tee – and then some! But that surreal moment also comes with the realization that if this candidate is at the top of your hire list, they’re likely at the top of another recruiter’s as well.

The truth of the matter is, in an interview, the recruiter is being evaluated just as much as the candidate is. New grads with impressive resumes can afford to be picky, so make sure you’re not committing any of these hiring faux-pas.

Leaving emails unanswered

In most cases, a recruiter is the one and only connection between a candidate and the company. For many students and grads, they’re seen as the only acceptable means of communication with the company. So when these lines of communication become unreachable, or unreasonably slow, it can send a message to the candidate that they are not a priority – or worse, that the company has weak communication.

Make an effort to answer each email within 24-48 hours, and make sure your candidates know that you’re open to answering questions. Students and grads will feel more at ease when they realize the company they are interviewing for is not only transparent, but willing to support them during the hiring process.

Taking the “superior” persona

One of the biggest turn-offs for millennial candidates are employers who talk down to them. Students and grads are highly aware that they lack extensive experience, and that they’re applying for an entry level job. However, they are looking to be treated like the competent professionals they are.

Treat your candidates like you would treat a company client, no matter their age or experience. Tell them about the job, but don’t present it to them as a basic entry-level job for new grads with limited experience. Show them the potential of the position, and offer them the opportunity to take on responsibilities in their role and extend their experiences. Chances are, your star candidate will be excited for the challenge.

Sharing incorrect/inconsistent information

Candidates expect you to be their primary source for information. But as we all know, recruiters are human – and often, you’ll find yourself stumped without a proper answer. The worst thing you can do is make something up, or give inaccurate information. Even if it was given with good intentions, this info could potentially trip up your candidate down the road, and come back on you. Plus, it may give off the impression that your company has poor communication.

If you truly don’t know the answer to one of their questions, approach it head on. Let them know that you’re not sure about the answer, and that you’ll find out the answer for them. This will give you some time to ask a colleague and find out the appropriate answer – plus, it never hurts to show your candidate that you’re human, and not just an interviewing machine. Take this opportunity to build rapport with your star candidate… but don’t forget to follow up with them!

Discussion: What is your go-to strategy to appeal to outstanding new grads?