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Social media for campus recruitment: 10 Twitter tips for tweeting effectively

Still new to Twitter? Reference this handy infographic to help you make the most of Twitter for campus recruitment.

These top 10 tips for tweeting effectively could apply to anyone, but they are great rules of thumb to follow when you’re trying to get the hang of it quickly and with limited time to devote to tweeting every day.

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Infographic: How To Build A Dependable Workforce

If there’s one thing that isn’t discussed frequently in the campus recruitment industry in Canada, it’s background checks! Aside from law enforcement agencies and certain government organizations, it’s rare for employers to say up front that they use background checks as part of their recruitment and retention strategy.

Our friends over at Business.com recently shared this fascinating infographic outlining some of the reasons employers may want to consider using background checks. The stats are from the U.S., but they’re interesting to think about nonetheless.

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