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600 career articles, 60 videos, 100 contributors and more in 18 months

Anyone who knows me knows that the Career Incubator is my baby. Its creation and success has essentially launched my own entry-level career as an editor, and it has helped me learn and grow so much since it first hatched in February 2009.

This morning, I published the Incubator’s 600th article!!! It’s the first in a fantastic three-part series for international students who want to work in Canada (a small but important part of our audience), produced in partnership with the Canadian University Application Centre.

600 may seem like a strange milestone to some—why not 500, you ask? I’m not sure. 600 just seems like a lot of articles.

Back in November 2009, we reported that we had published 300 articles on the Incubator, which means we’ve doubled the number of articles since then!

More than 60 of those posts (a little more than 10%) also include video that we’ve produced in-house.

It probably goes without saying, but I’m so proud of our little online magazine. When Lauren and I first put it online and began recruiting contributors, I was still a fourth-year student at Ryerson University and I never imagined that, within 18 months, we would publish 600 articles and more than 60 videos, or that I would have worked with nearly 100 amazing student and new grad contributors.

I really hope the resources we’ve provided through it have been valuable for students and recent grads right across Canada (and beyond), and I’m so egg-cited about the content we’re currently producing to be published this fall!

If you have any feedback or suggestions for the Career Incubator, please leave them in the comments. I’d love to know what we’re doing horribly wrong and also what we’re doing that you love!

Now, just for fun, here are the Top 10 articles of all time (determined by number of pageviews):

Welcome to our new Assistant Editors! & TalentEgg's Incubator hits 300 posts

Holy cow – that’s a lot of content.

Milestones like this make me sentimental, and the Incubator is especially close to my heart as its launch and growth have led to so many opportunities for us, and provided so much value to TalentEgg readers.

Congratulations to Cassandra, our Editor-extraordinaire and our fantastic contributors.

This is also a perfect opportunity announce our brand new Assistant Editors!!

A big, huge, gigantic, egg-shaped welcome to:

Danielle Lorenz
Kelly Hinton
Julie-Anne Cleyn
Nicole Wray

Some of these names are familiar to regular readers of The Incubator, while others, like Kelly, are newer.

Tune in for more info on the newest additions to the TalentEgg team, as well as the announcement of our new LAUNCH editors!