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The relationship between recruitment and retention at TD Business Banking

Throughout the recruiting, hiring and onboarding process, there’s a lot that can go wrong – especially with campus candidates, whose attention is divided between school, extra-curricular activities, part-time jobs, friends and, of course, the Internet.

According to Nancy Moulday, Manager Recruitment at TD Business Banking, it takes a well-planned, integrated strategy with constant touch points every step of the way, executed by a number of internal and external partners, to successfully retain new entry-level employees.

And she would know. Over the last four years, Nancy has recruited, hired and onboarded 600 new TD Business Banking associates, and boasts a retention rate that would make any campus recruiter green with envy: 98.6%

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Gen Y Recruitment Insider: Behind the scenes with Nancy Moulday at TD Business Banking

Did you miss our Gen Y Recruitment Insider event last week? Don’t worry. We’ve summarized the top tips from our first two Gen Y Recruitment Insider presentations.

Nancy Moulday, Manager Recruitment, TD Business Banking

Nancy Moulday, Manager Recruitment, TD Business Banking

Check out the main messages from Nancy Moulday’s presentation, where she shared some of the most successful tried, tested and true recruitment strategies – as well as the emerging digital ones – that she employs at TD Business Banking.

The evolution of the recruitment process

With more than 20 years of experience in the recruitment industry, Nancy has seen the company transition from paper resumés and fax machines to using TalentEgg and social media.

The need for student recruitment is there

TD Business Banking has hired 700 people in the last three years and about 60% were student or new grad hires. In order to hire such a large quantity of students and recent grads, Nancy focused on constantly keeping them engaged through on-campus and online activities.

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