Just in time for the back-to-school and campus recruiting season, Canadian career website TalentEgg.ca went live with a brand new site design and experience for students and recent grads September 1, 2009.

TalentEgg.ca originally launched in April 2008, as a career hub connecting students and grads with meaningful career opportunities. Over the past 16 months, the company has responded to the needs of struggling students and recent graduates by expanding the services it offers. In May, TalentEgg launched an online career resource magazine that is updated with new content twice every day.

Today, TalentEgg re-launches with even more tools and resources to help students make informed choices in their transition from school to work.

For students and recent grads, this means greater access to jobs and career resources, and career-lifestyle resources. Job seekers are now able to bookmark their favourite companies’ profiles for later, share profiles and job opportunities with friends on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Digg, and save advice articles they think will help them in their job hunt.

They can also interact with TalentEgg’s two online magazines, covering career advice and lifestyle topics specific to students and grads, and take career-related tests to assess their strengths.

“Our goal at TalentEgg is and always has been to help students make a successful transition from school to work,” says TalentEgg founder and president Lauren Friese, “and in order to do that, we’re constantly innovating to improve the experience for students, employers, as advertisers.”

For employers and advertisers, TalentEgg.ca remains the best way to reach and engage with Canada’s top students, and with new grads who are now off-campus.

Now available with the new TalentEgg.ca are unique vanity URLs, custom sponsored content, more attractive real estate, and several new channels to ensure that advertisers reach their desired demographic.

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To learn more about TalentEgg.ca, its new site design, new initiatives for fall 2009, or any general inquiries, please visit www.talentegg.ca or contact TalentEgg.ca president, Lauren Friese at 416-907-0425, or lauren@talentegg.ca