The customized employer profiles on are Gen Y’s starting point for learning about career opportunities and how each employer is unique.

Each of the employer profiles on TalentEgg is as varied as the organizations behind them, which range in size from small businesses to multinational corporations, and include industries such as oil and gas, accounting and technology, just to name a few.

But whether an employer’s brand is a household name or not, the first step to recruiting and retaining top student and new graduate talent is the same: providing as much information about the organization and its career opportunities as possible.

There are many very important questions that need to be answered and it’s essential that employer profiles touch on them all so students don’t feel confused or frustrated when interacting with an employer brand. After all, an employer’s TalentEgg profile may be the first time a student learns about an organization and their career opportunities – if the information they need is not clear to them right off the bat, they might consider one of the other hundreds of employers to be found on instead!

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