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Tag: September campus recruitment drive

The relationship between recruitment and retention at TD Business Banking

Throughout the recruiting, hiring and onboarding process, there’s a lot that can go wrong – especially with campus candidates, whose attention is divided between school, extra-curricular activities, part-time jobs, friends and, of course, the Internet.

According to Nancy Moulday, Manager Recruitment at TD Business Banking, it takes a well-planned, integrated strategy with constant touch points every step of the way, executed by a number of internal and external partners, to successfully retain new entry-level employees.

And she would know. Over the last four years, Nancy has recruited, hired and onboarded 600 new TD Business Banking associates, and boasts a retention rate that would make any campus recruiter green with envy: 98.6%

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Gen Y Recruitment Insider: Campus Recruitment Trends for 2011-2012

When campus recruiters, marketers, human resources professionals and others registered to attend our recent Gen Y Recruitment Insider event, we asked them to fill out an informal survey about their strategies for the upcoming year.

The results show that while some things will remain the same this year – such as, 69% of respondents are participating in the big September campus recruitment drive – other strategies are shifting: Nearly three quarters (73%) of respondents will use digital media a little bit or much more than they did last year, while a quarter will use it the same as they did last year. Only 2% said they will use digital media way less than last year.

There also seems to be a trend away from career fairs toward information sessions: The majority (61%) will only attend 1-5 career fairs on campus, but more than half will hold 5-10 or 10+ information sessions.

Finally, our survey shows that the spend-per-hire is quite low, with more than three quarters (77%) spending $0-3K per hire.

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