Actually, this is the first party we’ve ever officially had at TalentEgg. We never had a launch party, and we didn’t even really celebrate our 1 year anniversary.

You see, we’re all a little bit geeky at TalentEgg. Case in point: As I said, tonight is our summer party, and I’m wearing a shirt that says “I LOVE MATH”.

All wardrobe related jokes aside, it often comes up at TalentEgg that we’re all a little bit nerdy.

Cassandra plays the Sims, Daniel plays World of Warcraft, Ryan and I email each other with business ideas all the time (aka on weekends at 7 in the morning), and Mike & Peter are geeks too, but they’re too new for me to make fun of them this publicly.

And we’re proud to be geeks, and we’re proud of the product we’ve produced through our combined geekiness. Getting your first real job after university requires a serious approach, and a genuine approach.

That’s why everything at TalentEgg is written by a real person (no auto emails or auto updates on our homepage), and why all of our resources in The Incubator are written in the first person.

It’s also why we attract an engaged audience. Students come to TalentEgg when they’re serious about researching and applying for career-starting opportunities. We see it in our stats, and we see it from the reaction of our employer clients.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that at TalentEgg, it’s cool to be geeky. (that joke was geeky in itself)

Pictures from the summer party to come!!