Ok, so maybe it’s not quite about us, but IT WAS CLEARLY MADE FOR US.

Debuting at the Toronto International Film Festival this year is “Eggcellent“, an animated film about an under-performing chicken under a lot of pressure to produce.

Here’s the official description: “Forget free range. An underperforming chicken is under enormous pressure to produce at work, while mocked by obnoxious co-workers and wary of a watchful eye ready to downsize. Social satire and poultry collide in this comedic animated film that manages to say a lot with nary a word (but maybe a cluck).”

Social satire and poultry colliding?! Can it get any better than this? I’m eggspecting eggstraordinary things from this film… not to mention a ton of new egg puns for my egg-pun-inventory.

tiff – if you’re listening – we’d all LOVE to come and screen this movie THAT WAS CLEARLY MADE FOR TALENTEGG.