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Can't believe there's already a movie about us..

Ok, so maybe it’s not quite about us, but IT WAS CLEARLY MADE FOR US.

Debuting at the Toronto International Film Festival this year is “Eggcellent“, an animated film about an under-performing chicken under a lot of pressure to produce.

Here’s the official description: “Forget free range. An underperforming chicken is under enormous pressure to produce at work, while mocked by obnoxious co-workers and wary of a watchful eye ready to downsize. Social satire and poultry collide in this comedic animated film that manages to say a lot with nary a word (but maybe a cluck).”

Social satire and poultry colliding?! Can it get any better than this? I’m eggspecting eggstraordinary things from this film… not to mention a ton of new egg puns for my egg-pun-inventory.

tiff – if you’re listening – we’d all LOVE to come and screen this movie THAT WAS CLEARLY MADE FOR TALENTEGG.

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  1. Awesome. Even the title sounds like something you’d come up with, Lauren! 😉

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