Techtronic Industries (TTi) is internationally recognized as a global leader in design, manufacturing and marketing of power tools, outdoor power equipment, hand tools and floor care appliances worldwide. TTi is proud of its own history, and proud, too, of the huge legacy of tradition and excellence that they have inherited from the brands that make up their Company today. If you’re looking to build a meaningful career with a company whose subscribed to strong values, keep reading to learn more about TTi’s Leadership Development Program.

We spoke with Dave Dininio, the Director of Talent Acquisition at TTi to learn more about how TTi continues to support students and new grads on their career journey.

The Leadership Development Program

We believe exceptional people drive exceptional results which is why TTi launched the Leadership Development Program.  The Leadership Development Program is a comprehensive training program to develop outstanding and exceptional people for the long-term. The Program provides employees with relevant sales and field marketing experience while learning about our customers from a fundamental perspective. Throughout the Program, students and grads will be able to hone different skills such as their communication, product knowledge and business acumen. They will execute exciting weekly projects to gain hands on relevant workplace experience. The Program provides them with all the resources to accelerate their career. At every step of their career, we provide them with a combination of support, guidance and freedom that brings out the best.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at TTi

To establish and maintain a successful workplace, diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential. Diversity is the recognition, appreciation, and acceptance of individual differences both inside and outside of the organization. Equity is about ensuring fairness and impartiality for everyone, and TTi Canada strives to provide equitable access to opportunities for all candidates and employees. 

Collaborative, encouraging, respectful and polite is how I would describe our inclusive workplace. It is supported by policies that are intended to eliminate any barriers, bias and intolerance to encourage the involvement and contribution of all employees.  Diversity, equity and inclusion is important to TTi Canada because it helps attract top talent. Many students and new grads seek employment in a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization where they are safe and supported.  TTi Canada provides that kind of environment.

A Future After TTi’s Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Development Program provides new employees with a variety of career advancement opportunities.  An entry-level Field Sales Representative (FSR) or Brand Marketing Representative (BMR) can move into a position with more responsibilities, industry specialization and/or people management such as Territory Manager, District Supervisor or Trades Site Specialist.  The Leadership Development Program is a progressive training program the prepares them for the next level in their career and gives them the skills and knowledge to succeed at any level.  The table below highlights potential career path options. 

  • Field Sales Representative
  • Brand Marketing Representative
  • Field Marketing Representative
  • Territory Manager
  • District Supervisor
  • Sales Coordinator
  • Trades Site Specialist
  • Field Sales Manager
  • Key account Manager
  • Market Manager
  • Senior Trades Site Specialist
  • Regional Sales Manager 
  • Strategic Account Manager
  • District Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Divisional Sales Manager
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Assistant Marketing Manager
  • Program manager
  • Sales operations manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Senior marketing manager
  • Group marketing manager


Opportunities for Students and New Grads at TTi

Regarding opportunities, we are constantly recruiting for enthusiastic top talent year-round. We recommend students and new grads regularly check our Career Site and LinkedIn page for new job postings and information about the company.  Moreover, we encourage students and new grads to join our our LinkedIn Group, TTi Canada Careers for Students and New Grads and start a conversation or ask a question. 

If you are attending a career event or job fair at your school, come over to the TTi Canada booth and introduce yourself!  If you have a resume, bring it with you and hand it to one of our Recruiters.  Make sure you register your name and contact information in the iPad at the booth as well so we know are interested in a career at TTi Canada. 

After all, we want students and new graduates to be the best they can be when they join us.  When students and new grads join TTi Canada, whether in a full-time role or Co-op capacity, we want them to stay with us for the long-term.  This is why we invest a lot in our new employees, to ensure that they have the best training, strongest support and accessible resources to achieve their goals.  Our Leadership Development Program is where it at all starts.

Students and grads who join TTi Canada will get to enjoy a diverse set of roles and responsibilities that will allow them to acquire various skills that are valuable and transferrable throughout their career. They will be given the opportunity to collaborate on real world projects and opportunities where they can contribute their ideas to gain relevant experience. As employees of TTi Canada, students and grads will have ample opportunity to advance their career, move up within the company and explore different positions.  We pride ourselves on developing people, recognizing talent and promoting from within – all part of our dynamic culture. 

How the Pandemic Has Affected Recruiting

We are having to adjust our hiring practices to align with what is happening in the job market. The pandemic has caused a shift in candidate mentality, particularly in terms of compensation and remote work. Candidates are demanding higher compensation and there are more requests for remote or hybrid work environments.  TTi Canada offers an excellent package for our Field Sales Representatives and Brand Marketing Representatives that includes an attractive base salary, a company vehicle, great benefits and an annual performance bonus.  We do not offer remote or hybrid work schedules.  Our Field Sales Representatives and Brand Marketing Representatives work in our clients’ stores on a daily basis.   

Companies are replenishing their staff and ramping up hiring practices which has increased competition for talent.  TTi Canada is positioning itself as a preferred employer at campuses by attending career events, partnering with student services departments and driving our employer brand at schools across the country.  We openly talk about our great culture, career advancement opportunities and Leadership Development Program to stay ahead of our competition.

What are 5 major hiring trends you see in the future?

✓    Diversity Hiring – Inclusion and diversity offers TTi Canada many benefits including improved employee happiness, productivity, retention, loyalty, and employer branding. We realize that diversity, equity and inclusion are not just feel-good initiatives, but a must for our success.

✓     Speed of Hiring – With increased employer competition in the job market, it’s imperative that our hiring processes are efficient, optimized and technology driven. We are focused on reducing the time it takes to fill positions.  We know that if we aren’t fast enough, other employers are going to hire the best talent.    

✓     Employer Branding and Positioning – Improving our employer brand image to show that we are a highly respected company with strong values and a great culture is key to being the best and being a preferred employer among students and new grads 

✓     Providing the best candidate experience – We ensure students and new grads can apply easily, there is transparency in our hiring process and people know where they stand and what’s the next step. We’re open to talking about compensation, the demands of the job and our company culture.

✓     Proactive hiring – It’s not enough to just post a job these days.  Our Recruiters are proactively sourcing potential candidates via LinkedIn and other channels.  They hone recruitment efforts, actively search for talent and stay ahead of recruiting trends.  This includes being front and present at campuses by attending career events, conducting information sessions and connecting with students through various channels.

Enforcing Fairness and Equality During the Hiring Process

Fairness and equality during the hiring process is very important, so we give each candidate equal opportunity to showcase their professional background and skillset.  We ensure that every candidate is asked the same role-based questions during interviews for consistency and equality.  We utilize a matrix system to score various competencies and skills exhibited during the hiring process to ensure a fair comparison of all candidates.  Our Managers are provided with hiring training which includes topics on eliminating bias and stereotyping during the hiring process.  Finally, we require the opinions of at least two people when making a hiring decision which mitigates the risk of bias or stereotyping when hiring. 

Final Thoughts

TTi Canada is a great place for any student or new graduate to start their career.  TTi Canada is where culture meets opportunity and you have the opportunity to not only advance your career, but to work with intelligent, progressive and like-minded people.  It’s an opportunity to support some of the best product brands in the world (RYOBI, MILWAUKEE, RIDGID, HOOVER, DIRT DEVIL) while developing a long-term career and working in a dynamic, forward-thinking culture. 

To learn more about Techtronic Industries and their Leadership Development Program, check out their employer profile on TalentEgg!