We had an incredible year on TalentEgg 360!

From interview tips to social media strategy, we’ve covered it all in an effort to help campus recruiters better engage with students and new grads. As the year comes to a close, it’s important to reflect on accomplishments from the past year. So in honour of 2015, we’ve put together a list of our most popular posts from the past year.

Here are the top 10 TalentEgg 360 articles of 2015!

10. 3 Signs That A Candidate Has Lost Interest During An Interview (And How To Address The Situation)

It’s a situation that no recruiter wants – a bored candidate, counting down the minutes until their interview time is up. While it might be easy to dismiss disengaged candidates as being ill-suited for the position, it’s important to get to the root of the problem. This post outlines the tell-tale signs of a candidate who has lost interest, and even provides some potential ways to get things back on track.

9. The TalentEgg National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards and Conference: 3 Reasons To Attend

The TalentEgg Awards is Canada’s largest event for campus recruiters, so we’re not surprised this post generated big buzz. And now that applications are open for 2016, this post is particularly relevant! Our personal fave? Reason #2.

8. 4 Reasons Why Campus Recruiters Should Ditch Their Pre-Written Questions

New to recruiting? Then you might be guilty of over planning your interview or campus recruiting questions. While it’s a good idea to be prepared, sticking to a strict list of questions may be keeping you from engaging with students and new grads on a more authentic level. For this reason, and many others, you should ditch the pre-written questions and try a more flexible approach.

7. How To Make Interviewees Feel Comfortable During An Interview

Students and grads are new to the job hunting process and will likely be eggs-tra nervous before a big interview. As a recruiter, helping your candidates feel more comfortable during an interview will not only give them a big confidence boost, it can also boost your employer brand.

6. Recruiter of the Month: A Q&A with Nikki Simone

What makes a winner? We wanted to find out so we sat down with Nikki Simone, the recipient of the 2014 Campus Recruiter of the Year award. We learned all about her biggest career goals and shared her best piece of career advice. Thanks for the insights, Nikki!

5. Recruiters: Here Are 3 Unique Strategies To Attract Top Gen Y Talent

Simply put, 2015 was the year of the millennial. This year, Gen-Y officially became the largest demographic in the Canadian workforce, which meant it was more important than ever for campus recruiters to start embracing the latest digital trends. Luckily, TalentEgg was ready to help with some new social and mobile recruiting tactics to try.

4. The Most Successful Campus Recruiters Do These 7 Things. Do You?

For most professionals, being good isn’t good enough – they want to be great. However, wanting to be a leader in your field and actually getting there are two very different things. While there is no cheat sheet for achieving campus recruiting success, there are definitely some recognizable habits that the best in the business have in common.

3. Introducing the 2015 Guide to Canadian Campus Recruitment

Of course, the year would not be complete without our annual Guide to Campus Recruitment. The 2015 edition included valuable insights into what students want from their employer, best practices in marketing outreach, and much more. With such an overwhelming response to our 2015 guide, we can’t wait to get cracking on next year’s edition!

2. Meet The Finalists For TalentEgg’s 2015 National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards!

Announcing the finalists for the TalentEgg Awards is always a high point for us at TalentEgg. These employers created some egg-ceptional applications and it was a privilege for us to get to recognize their efforts. Who knows, maybe you’ll see your name on TalentEgg 360 next year!

1. TalentEgg Congratulates The Winners Of The 2015 Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards

“I loved seeing innovative ideas that set employers apart,” said Victoria Miller, a 2015 TalentEgg student judge. “There are some definite best practices in campus recruiting which were great to see across the board, but it was exciting to see when an organization injected something new and groundbreaking into the mix.” Our thoughts eggs-actly.

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