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CPA Ontario’s Success with Campus and Student Engagement

The team at CPA Ontario are made up of the brightest educators, thought leaders, regulators, advocates and providers. They go the extra mile and often take measures to protect the public interest by ensuring their CPA members meet the highest standards of integrity and expertise. Additionally, CPA Ontario provides pathways to the profession for aspiring accountants from around the world, and engage in their community as responsible corporate citizens.

However, when it comes to the accounting profession and specifically the CPA designation with regards to the kinds of careers it can lead to, there are still many misconceptions regarding the industry. CPA Ontario has many resources that dispel these myths about CPAs working with excel all day or being stuck in a cubicle, and host their biweekly information sessions where students can learn more about how the CPA can lead to a successful career in business.

Anyone can register here: https://www.cpaontario.ca/become-a-cpa/post-secondary-student/events to attend an information session and learn more about the future of accounting, finance, general business, and how the CPA can help anyone reach for their dreams.

Keep reading to learn more about how CPA Ontario solidifies their initiatives in campus engagement, diversity, equity and inclusivity, and how they successfully navigate connecting with students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CPA Ontario’s Support for Student Community Engagement

At CPA Ontario, they hold a lot of pride in their Post-Secondary Ambassador Program (PSAP) and Board of Ambassadors Program, especially regarding the strong community of students they have fostered. The CPA Ontario community has explored careers in business, built relevant skills that employers are looking for in successful candidates, and have connected with key employer stakeholders.

Their Post-Secondary Ambassador Program and Board of Ambassador Program have been successful ways for us to engage student voices in their space. Additionally, their Board of Ambassador representatives act as an advocacy and advisory group for their recruitment team, which ensures they keep their pulse on student needs. In terms of creative ways to get CPA Ontario’s message out, they try to meet students where they are at; whether it’s through a new series of Instagram lives and takeovers, or by hosting their Live @ the Drive-In movie night (with lots of popcorn of course). As CPA Ontario moves towards a hybrid of in-person and virtual, some of these tactics may change, and so now CPA Ontario is asking themselves new sets of questions on how to continue to support student career paths.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives in the Accounting Industry

At any organization, DEI and related initiatives should mean that all people should have a seat at a table, and that their voices are heard. It was important to the CPA Ontario team last year that their online programming continued to drive inclusivity, making their events accessible to wider audiences geographically and representationally.

At CPA Ontario, events are frequently hosted throughout the year. To name a few initiatives, they partner with agencies to reach new audiences, hold events specific to niche groups, and ensure all their participants are made aware that accommodations will be supported.

3 Key Insights Into Campus Recruitment and Student Engagement with CPA Ontario

Trend 1: Students have no shortage of aspiration, for themselves or for the world. Yet, they are easily discouraged by the realities and threats of post-academic life.

So, they ensure that they don’t ever shy away from the tough conversations whether it be in a recruiter’s presentation or panel discussion with CPAs. The CPA Ontario team addresses the fears students’ have about the future of AI, work-life balance, and others in open discussions, so students feel equipped when they begin their careers.

Trend 2: The next generation of students will be going to be looking for more flexibility and the ability to have influence/make an impact in their future careers.

So, they highlight the many diverse career paths that their current CPAs are in so students can envision themselves in similar paths. Through their programming, they also share how CPAs reimagined their careers to create their own unique paths, to inspire students who aspire to do the same. They also provide forums of discussions and facilitate opportunities for students to connect with these professionals to form their own relationships.

Trend 3: Employers are finding there are human skills gaps when hiring new grads.

So, they provide training in important human skills like leadership, responsibility, personal management, and emotional intelligence to name a few. As CPA Ontario is also a regulator, it is important to the recruitment team that they are equipping future CPAs to be valuable leaders, employees, and entrepreneurs.

The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Effect on Campus Engagement

The pandemic resulted in the CPA Ontario team doing things differently. They had to reimagine their offerings to provide enhanced online experiences. For example, their Employment Connections Career Fair which was once limited because it was held in Toronto and in-person, can now have any number of students across Ontario attend.

The most rewarding aspect has been the feedback from their post-secondary students who have thanked us for the online community of students they built, during a time that many of them felt very isolated at home. The CPA Ontario team gave students a space to connect with each other, gain new skills, and meet CPAs, all while having fun!

The most challenging aspect was probably at the beginning of the pandemic when the team would ask each other how they would do all that:

  • What platforms would they use?
  • What would the tone and cadence of their virtual spaces look like?

They had a lot more questions than they did answers, but they were quick to not get stuck in their questions and begin making moves. It was trial by fire, but the CPA Ontario team strongly believes they have come out victorious on the other side!

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2021 TalentEgg National Recruitment Excellence Awards and Conference!

This is our 10th year hosting the annual TalentEgg National Recruitment Excellence Awards and Conference, and we gotta say — it might have been our best one yet!

On June 16th, several top campus recruitment professionals from across Canada joined us on our virtual journey to discuss, share and reveal how COVID-19 has impacted the recruitment sector temporarily and in some cases, for good. Attendees got the chance to hear about new virtual on-boarding methods, and new virtual strategies to attract the next generation of the workforce. 

We also shared some incredible findings from the TalentEgg COVID-19 survey and our annual student and new grad recruitment guide. 

Finally after weeks of anticipation, we also revealed the winners of the 2021 TalentEgg National Recruitment Excellence Awards at the event. It was a tight competition with so many egg-cellent applications by leading Canadian employers, educational institutions, and career centres to look at. However, a select few stood out to our Student Judges for their egg-ceptional work and creativity.

Congratulations to the winners and finalists of the TalentEgg Awards and a sincere thank you to all the professionals who participated in this event!

2021 TalentEgg National Recruitment Excellence Awards Winners








  • Ken Lee – Ryerson University


  • American Express


  • Red River College



  • Cambrian College




  • CIBC


  • FDM Group



Congratulations once more to the winners and thank you to all the applicants and finalists! A quick reminder: the 2021 TalentEgg Recruitment Guide is available to download here.

We want to thank our sponsors and exhibitors: American Express, University of Toronto Scarborough, and Chick-Fil-A . We also wanted to thank our panellists and everyone who attended the event. Thank you for supporting us, the conference would not be possible without you!

Thank You Graphic

We hope to welcome you next year in person for the 11th Annual TalentEgg Recruitment Awards and Conference. Have a safe summer and fall recruitment season!


Announcing the Finalists of the 2021 TalentEgg National Recruitment Excellence Awards and Conference!

Congratulations to the finalists of the 2021 TalentEgg National Recruitment Excellence Awards and Conference! We are so egg-cited to celebrate with you and announce the winners at our second VIRTUAL Awards and Conference on June 16, 2021

The TalentEgg Awards applications are evaluated by a team of top student judges from across Canada, who give a student perspective and first-hand feedback on career development programs, employer branding, recruitment strategies and more.

Please join us at this year’s Awards and Conference to celebrate the winners, and tune in to insightful panels with our egg-cellent lineup of expert speakers from the recruitment and career development space. We will be sharing critical insights from our COVID-19 Student, New Grad and Early Career Survey conducted this spring to understand how the pandemic is impacting Canada’s young job seekers and influencing employers’ future recruitment strategies. We will explore virtual tools and practices to help employers continue to engage and attract top candidates in the “new normal” of remote recruiting. We will also share best practices and new solutions for welcoming back employees to the workplace and students to campus!  

Don’t miss out! Tickets are available until June 15th, 2021 at 11:59 pm EST

Now, what you’ve really been waiting for: Your 2021 Finalists!

2021 TalentEgg National Recruitment Excellence Awards Finalists

Please note: Finalists are listed in alphabetical order.


Best Grad Program

Best Career Website

Best Internship/Co-op Program

Campus Recruiting Program of the Year

Recruiting Program of the Year for a Nonprofit

Campus Recruiter of the Year (Individual)

  • Winner – Andrea Royce – Campus Recruiter (Rogers Communications Inc.)

Best Employer Branding and Outreach

Best Social Media Presence

Special Award for Diversity and Inclusion in Recruiting

Special Award for Corporate Responsibility in Recruiting

Best Contribution to Student Career Development (Employers)

  • American Express
  • Bell Canada
  • FGF Brands

Best Use of Student Competitions for Recruitment

Best Recruitment Branding Strategy by a Professional or Industry Association


Best Contribution to Student Career Development (Schools)

  • Cambrian College – Career Centre
  • George Brown College
  • Red River College

Special Award For Innovation By A Career Centre 

  • Winner – Cambrian College – Career Centre

Career Coach/Educator of the Year (Individual)

  • Winner – Ken Lee – Career Education Specialist (Ryerson University)


Thank you to all of the employers, career centres and educational institutions who participated this year. We look forward to connecting with you at our conference to celebrate all the finalists and announce the winners of the 2021 TalentEgg National Recruitment Excellence Awards.

Get your tickets here!

Latest Trends with the 2020 TalentEgg Guide to Canadian Recruitment

On July 8th, 2020 we were egg-cited to host the ninth annual TalentEgg National Recruitment Excellence Awards and Conference. Experts and professionals from the Canadian recruitment space joined us for a virtual conference packed with insightful panels, and of course, award celebrations!

All Awards and Conference attendees had a chance to download our 2020 TalentEgg Guide to Canadian Recruitment on the virtual conference platform. This year, the guide gives employers, careers centers and HR professionals crucial insights into recruiting students and new graduate job candidates during the COVID-19 pandemic; including best practices, and what matters most to students, new grads and early career professionals as a result of their drastically changing job environment.

If you missed out on the conference, you can still access TalentEgg’s key findings from our research and recruitment insights by downloading a copy of the guide below.

Here are some of the trending topics in the 2020 Guide:

  1. On-campus vs. Online: A look into the support students and grads are receiving from schools and the importance of employers showing up virtually.
  2. Employer branding and reputation management: How students were let go, how they feel about the communication received and will they work for you again in the future?
  3. What's important to students and grads right now: How to prioritize their learning, onboarding and work experience during COVID-19. New solutions in a virtual recruitment world
  4. Mental Health, the 'new normal', and the desired support that students, grads and early career professionals want moving forward in this virtual reality. 
  5. Social Responsibility, Volunteering and Staying Connected Virtually

Get your free copy below!

2020 Guide to Canadian Campus Recruitment
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