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How student leaders choose where to work: Introduction

If you asked many new grads how they chose which employer to start their careers with, they’d probably tell you that they waited until the last minute (i.e., April) and frantically applied to any employer that was hiring for roles they were somewhat qualified for.

As we’ve discovered through our award-winning Student Voice initiative, which appears in Metro every Wednesday, some of them apply to hundreds of jobs with no response from employers. They feel desperate and panicked. As students, they were probably Unreachables and some of them may just be unlucky High Potentials.

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The 3 types of students and how they approach their careers

Historically, employers have looked at students in terms of their programs and which year of school they’re in. Through that lens, campus recruitment activities traditionally target students by program, year and school, assuming that all students who fall into that group should be provided the same campus recruitment information.

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