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Conference recap: International best practices in digital and online campus recruitment

Bringing his extensive global experience back to Toronto, Tyler Turnbull shared his recommendations for best practices in digital and online campus recruitment, and also provided a few examples of incredible employer branding campaigns from The British Army and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).

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How student leaders choose where to work: Introduction

If you asked many new grads how they chose which employer to start their careers with, they’d probably tell you that they waited until the last minute (i.e., April) and frantically applied to any employer that was hiring for roles they were somewhat qualified for.

As we’ve discovered through our award-winning Student Voice initiative, which appears in Metro every Wednesday, some of them apply to hundreds of jobs with no response from employers. They feel desperate and panicked. As students, they were probably Unreachables and some of them may just be unlucky High Potentials.

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Gen Y Recruitment Insider: Behind the scenes with Kobi Gulersen at MasterCard Canada

Did you miss our Gen Y Recruitment Insider event last week? Don’t worry. We’ve summarized the top tips from our first two Gen Y Recruitment Insider presentations.

Yesterday we published the main messages from Nancy Moulday’s presentation, and today we’re egg-cited to bring you the key points from Kobi Gulersen’s presentation on the innovative MasterCard Canada summer intern campaign.

Kobi Gulersen, Director of Digital Marketing, MasterCard Canada

Kobi Gulersen, Director of Digital Marketing, MasterCard Canada

The project

For the first time, MasterCard Canada decided to hire summer interns. It made the job application process a contest, and the prize was employment. Students were required to use social media to submit a cover letter, résumé and the URL to an original online creative component (video, photo, website, etc.).

Recruitment from the marketing perspective

As a marketer, Kobi had a new take on the recruitment process. He approached the process like an ad campaign, selling the MasterCard brand to a social media savvy student audience.

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