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Executives warn competition for financial services talent is intensifying

The labour market isn’t just competitive for job seekers anymore – while Canada’s unemployment rate continues to decline, many employers are also struggling with recruiting and retaining highly skilled financial services employees. Continue reading

The relationship between recruitment and retention at TD Business Banking

Throughout the recruiting, hiring and onboarding process, there’s a lot that can go wrong – especially with campus candidates, whose attention is divided between school, extra-curricular activities, part-time jobs, friends and, of course, the Internet.

According to Nancy Moulday, Manager Recruitment at TD Business Banking, it takes a well-planned, integrated strategy with constant touch points every step of the way, executed by a number of internal and external partners, to successfully retain new entry-level employees.

And she would know. Over the last four years, Nancy has recruited, hired and onboarded 600 new TD Business Banking associates, and boasts a retention rate that would make any campus recruiter green with envy: 98.6%

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What every campus recruiter should know about graduating students

What Every Campus Recruiter Should Know About Graduating StudentsAs employers recruiting on campus, you have a lot to work around: class schedules and part-time jobs, not to mention other employers competing for the same talent.

Even once you offer employment to a graduating student, there’s still salary expectations, retention, post-graduate education and even travel plans to contend with sometimes.

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Communicating career paths: How retention can start with campus recruitment

We’ve all heard this tired, old Generation Y stereotype:

“They expect to start as an intern on Monday and be the CEO by Friday.”

While it’s not necessarily true, it does tap into students and recent graduates’ strong desire to know where their careers will take them – not just at the entry level, but also in the stages to follow.

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