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3 Ways To Enhance The Experience Of Your Interns

Google does not hire conventional people—and that includes interns.

When it comes to internships, Google makes sure that each hire is paired with a strong, patient, and objective mentor who is passionate about seeing that intern learn and grow. Continue reading

4 Ways Social Interviews Can Benefit Your Company And Your Recruiting Process

What’s a great way to hire the most enthusiastic talent out there? The social interview.

That’s what Alanna Glicksman, Digital Marketing and Community Manager at MasterCard, explained to the crowd at the 2013 TalentEgg National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards and Conference.

In the second year of their social interview campaign, MasterCard changed their primary question – “Why do you want to work at MasterCard?” – to instead ask candidates to share their solutions to a challenge posed by an increasingly cash-less society. Continue reading

6 Ways Grant Thornton Strengthened Their Employer Brand

Part of recruiting Gen Y means developing a solid employer branding strategy that is both unique and memorable.

Paul Peterson took the stage at the 2013 TalentEgg Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards and Conference and delivered a presentation that demonstrated just how effective a strong branding strategy can be.

Paul is the Senior Manager of National Talent Resourcing at Grant Thornton LLP, and his presentation stood out in part by offering some unexpected advice, including:

“Don’t eat yellow snow.”

“Never wear socks with sandals.”

Standing out was exactly what Paul wanted to do when it came to recruiting Gen Y’s top talent for the Accounting industry. Continue reading

Conference recap: Getting internal buy-in for Gen Y-focused recruiting at Freedom 55 Financial

When Freedom 55 Financial noticed that only 1% of their new recruits were from Gen Y, they realized that something had to change.

Chris Baker, now Director of Business Development at Freedom 55 Financial, admitted in the opening to his presentation at the 2013 TalentEgg National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards and Conference that there was a prevailing feeling that younger people didn’t bring anything to the hiring table simply because they didn’t have as much life experience. Continue reading

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