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360 poll results: Top campus recruitment priorities for 2013-2014

The summer is a busy time for campus recruitment professionals across Canada as you prepare to launch new on-campus and online campus recruitment campaigns for the 2013-2014 school year.

Due to labour shortages and skills gaps, competition for talent continues to heat up in many industries, including natural resources (mining, oil and gas, forest products, etc.), financial services and technology. Continue reading

360 poll: What is your biggest campus recruitment priority for the coming year?

Your vote is completely anonymous and the results will be revealed exclusively on Campus Recruitment 360 in a future post.

Thank you for voting!

Poll results: What’s the most important factor when students and grads search for jobs?

Results of the most recent TalentEgg poll show that, above all else, the majority of students and new grads are looking for opportunities for advancement when they search for jobs.

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Poll results: Most students don’t attend employer info sessions either

In July, we published the results of a poll that showed that while two thirds of students have attended a career fair at some point, only one third found the experience valuable enough to want to go again in the future.

Another 34% have never attended a career fair on campus.

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