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Unique Experiences to Develop Your Future Talent Pipeline

As we’ve already mentioned in this Guide, students are looking for more meaningful ways to connect with employers beyond the typical career fair. What better way to showcase your workplace culture than providing unique opportunities for students and grads to get involved? These experiences will help to develop your future talent pipeline in a rewarding and effective way.

“I think continuing to engage students and coming up with more creative campus engagement strategies will definitely help [organizations]. Try something new, show students what their lives at [your company] would be like. Bring employees, bring execs. Show students why they should choose you.”
– Mallory Thompson, Western University, 2019

TalentEgg has partnered with some amazing organizations that have created initiatives for students and grads to get involved – from challenges to volunteering and everything in between. In our survey, students and grads said that they are looking for opportunities for professional development and growth, with 71% saying the most important thing they’re looking for in a career is gaining job experience and building their future career path.

For example, we partnered with Data VizArt (DVA), powered by Deloitte, Tableau and CIBC, to raise awareness of their data visualization competition that gave students an opportunity to work in a team, present their solutions in front of executives and win a grand prize of $3000! TalentEgg’s Blitz Campaign that DVA used to promote their challenge included Leaderboard, Big Box and Wallpaper ads, as well as social media promotion, custom editorials and email blasts to best reach our audience.

This challenge gave students a chance to network with potential employers, develop essential analytical skills and be a part of something outside of the classroom that directly impacts their careers.

Big Box Ads: DVA

Big Box Ads: DVA

Another egg-citing way for students to not just develop their skills, but also meet top Canadian employers face-to-face is CEOx1Day. TalentEgg is a proud partner of this program, created by Odgers Berndtson, which provides students the opportunity to shadow an influential CEO of a leading organization for one day, experience what their workday involves, get advice and build long-lasting connections. CEOx1Day gives students an opportunity to apply in-class learning to a real world situation, equipping them with the tools and skills to start building their careers. TalentEgg supports the CEOx1Day program with promotion to our student and grad job seekers with our Blitz Campaign across our social media channels, online advertising on our website, editorial success stories on our blog and email blasts during the application period.

As a part of the application, eligible third or fourth year students have the opportunity to complete an online leadership assessment and receive a personalized report from Hogan Assessments. The report provides feedback on leadership skills, like relationship building, goal setting and strategic thinking, to help the students understand and identify their strengths and weaknesses to build their potential. In addition, all semi-finalists are considered for an interview with McKinsey & Company for a summer internship or full-time placement.

Creating a way for students and grads to participate in a fun, competitive challenge will attract young talent to your organization and give them an opportunity to “show their stuff’ in a demonstrative way. Not only will providing these opportunities create fun, engaging and memorable ways for students to learn more about your organization, it also enhances your employer brand and reputation. At TalentEgg we are here to help you produce and execute your student Challenges and promote it to top candidates across Canada.

Custom Editorial: CEOx1Day

Wallpaper, Big Box and Leaderboard Ads: HOEM on Jarvis

Wallpaper, Big Box and Leaderboard Ads: HOEM on Jarvis

Wallpaper, Big Box and Leaderboard Ads: HOEM on Jarvis

Doing Good Never Looked So Great: Why Your Employer Brand Needs CSR

In recent years the prominence of corporate social responsibility (CSR) has grown to become a core activity of most businesses, but why is it so important for you as an HR professional? CSR initiatives helps build your company image within your community, but it also improves your employer brand and helps to attract and retain top young talent. Showcasing your CSR initiatives as part of your employer brand is more important now than ever, as a growing number of students, new grads and early-career professionals actively seek out a caring culture in potential employers.

In our 2019 TalentEgg Survey, an astounding 90% of post-secondary students ranked social responsibility as important to very important, for a company to be involved in, and that’s 15% more than last year! You may be thinking: “Egg-cellent, my company has several CSR initiatives.” But it’s not just about participating in CSR initiatives. It’s critical that you effectively communicate your involvement to your target demographic and help them connect the dots between your commitment to community and your commitment to employees.

TalentEgg’s blog, “The Incubator”, provides various career-related articles to help students, new grads and early-career professionals navigate their way from school to work. Our range of topics cover everything from the importance of volunteering to different companies’ involvement in their communities.

We also work with employers to write custom editorials and produce videos to showcase their CSR initiatives to help them reach our audience of young and passionate job seekers. In 2018, we worked with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services to create a custom video about their changing corporate culture with a focus on collaboration and community work. The video follows employees spending the afternoon at their local food bank. Cindy Voskuil, an HR Business Partner at Mercedes-Benz says: “It gives you a sense of pride to see that your work actually wants you to go out and take you away from work to spend your time giving back to your community.”

Providing these volunteer opportunities for employees is also a vital part of engaging and retaining your talent. Our survey found that 81% of high school students, 75% of post-secondary students and 64% of early career professionals volunteer. An additional 65% of total survey respondents currently don’t volunteer but want to, they just don’t have the time or don’t know where to start. Providing your employees with these volunteer opportunities as a part of their work shows your commitment to not only your company values, but also your employees’ values and their development. 37% of survey respondents state that having an employer whose values match theirs is an important factor in choosing a potential employer.

“I think it’s awesome to give employees volunteering days (that are also paid). You sometimes forget to volunteer because it’s usually unpaid work and some people can’t afford to do this, but the fact that companies specifically want their employees to volunteer is awesome.”
Mallory Thompson, Western University, 2019

Are you searching for opportunities to get your employees involved but aren’t sure how or where to start? TalentEgg has various partnerships to specifically guide and encourage students, new grads and early-career professionals to volunteer. Our sister company CharityVillage is Canada’s most popular career resource for the nonprofit sector. We work with CharityVillage to curate our volunteer opportunities directly from their site and tailor them for our audience. We also work with our sister company Bmeaningful, that features purposeful jobs in the social good sector and provides helpful resources to help people connect purpose with their paycheque.

This year we partnered with World Wildlife Fund to encourage students to become Living Planet Leaders @ Campus. The certification provides students with an opportunity to make a difference on campus and in their communities while teaching them teamwork and leadership skills.

We have also partnered with Students Offering Support to help students make a real impact while gaining real-world experience. Through this program students are able to gain leadership skills and vital volunteer experience by leading campus workshops and helping their peers excel in their studies.

It’s eggs-treamly clear that CSR is a must for employers to attract, engage, and retain top young talent. With our customized content and partnerships, we’ve made it easier than ever to connect with students, new grads and early career professionals all through one platform. Reach out to us to find the best way to promote your giving back initiatives and amplify your employer brand!

Partner Landing Page: WWF

Community Involvement: How To Attract Top Millennial Talent Beyond The Job Description

When you’re in competition to recruit top student and grad talent, their decision may come down to what you have to offer outside of their day to day job.

Most companies today are involved with community initiatives in some way, shape, or form. However, most recruiters tend to focus on the benefits that are directly linked to the role when promoting their career opportunities to students and grads. It makes sense, because things like salary, benefits, and experience are all things at the top of a student or grad’s checklist.

However, these aspiring professionals are looking for an organization that is more than just a well-known brand. When it comes down to the wire, and your choice candidate is making a selection between two top companies, your company’s community involvement can go from being a small perk to your trump card.

Why they’re looking for more

They’re informed

Students and grads know that looking for the right employer isn’t just about making the highest salary or working with the biggest names. They are looking for a well-rounded package that can offer them a variety of experiences that will benefit them in the long run.

Every recruiter wants their candidates to do research on the company that they’re interviewing for. But it’s equally important that the information that they find will set you apart from the competition, and present your company as a unique and valuable place to work.

They’re passionate about their causes

It’s no secret that with the ever-growing presence of technology, millennials are more connected than ever. From smartphones to tablets, students and grads can access the latest information and create personalized news feeds at the push of a button. As a result, they are constantly forming and expressing their feelings and opinions.

Because of this heightened awareness, the majority of students and grads today have attached themselves to a social cause. They are more active in the community than ever, and they aim to use their qualities and skills to instigate change in the world.

Did you know: 43% of Gen-Yers said that they’ve helped out a non-profit organization to expand their skill-set for their professional careers.

They want to work for a company that reflects their values

Experienced campus recruiters know that workplace culture is one of the most common inquiries students and grads make during an interview. Millennials are all about personalizing – whether they’re tailoring their Pinterest boards or their coffee orders, they want every aspect of their lives to reflect their authenticity.

Selecting their careers and the organizations they work for is no different. Working for a company that doesn’t share their values will lessen the appeal for them.

“The community involvement component is excellent. Many students are attracted to the opportunity to give back to their communities, so the fact that you make it part of their experiences is great.”

    – Master’s student, University of Toronto

“A huge part of student motivation is making them feel like they’re making a difference.”

    – Third-year student, Bishop’s University

“Volunteer work is another great way to involve students in the work world so that they feel valued and excited to be a part of a team that gives back.”

    – Fourth-year student, McMaster University

How to appeal to these qualities

Any employer would want the above qualities in a new hire. The question is: how do you attract these graduates to your organization? Company culture is a huge factor when millennials evaluate their career options. Here are some simple things you can do to make your company stand out.

Ask them what their passions are

During the hiring process, it’s important to pay attention to who the candidate is outside of their professional experiences. If you make an effort to show that you’re not only interested in them for their degree and job experiences, you are more likely to create a stronger rapport with them.

Take a look at their application documents or LinkedIn profile, and get to know what they do in their spare time. Take a look at the causes that they’re involved in, and ask them about it during the interview. You’ll find that students and grads will respond passionately about their work, and appreciate the fact that you took the time to find out.

Showcase your company’s community efforts

Many students and grads will likely be pre-occupied with company information pertaining to the specific role and department that they’ll be applying to. Even though they’re not consciously looking for information about your company’s community efforts, it’s important to make sure they see it and remember it.

Be sure this information is accessible, and prominently shown on your company’s website. Bring these aspects up during a campus recruitment session or an interview when a candidate mentions their past volunteer roles or the causes they support.

Remember: millennials think of their careers as an extension of their identities – not just a way to bring home the bacon. Show them how the role they’ve applied for fits them beyond the job description, and the ones who accept the job will likely do so with a stronger commitment to the company.

Discussion: Do you believe that volunteer and community experience always makes for a better candidate?