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TalentEgg & Civiside cause fire in Winnipeg

On Tuesday, we issued a joint press release with Civiside.com, which is a site that connects reservists with military-friendly employers.

The release deals with Gen-Y and supposed ‘entitlement issues’. Ken argues that accommodating Gen Y’s demands will be bad for society in general and the individual in particular. My argument is…well…opposite: “Lauren argues that Gen Y’s demands are simply a market correction on an out-dated, broken system”.

Today we were invited to debate on CJOB radio station: “Manitoba’s Information Superstation” and it was absolutely fantastic. Much of it comprised of Gen-Xers calling in and disagreeing with me (to put it mildly). I enjoyed it very much, as did Ken! In typical Gen-Y fashion, Daniel was listening to the broadcast through the internet and texting me suggestions throughout.

Anyway! The host, Richard Cloutier informed us that our chat was very popular, extended our time slot from 15 mins to almost 40 mins, and told us that we were “Burning up the [lines]”. Hence the title of this post.

Looking forward to more radio (and tv, hopefully!) debates with Ken!

Sound bites coming soon.

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  1. Very exciting! Pitting Gen Y against Gen X is genius!

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