I know you’ve all been waiting with baited breath to hear about the results of Honest Egg’s… With such a strong start, did we hit our goal?

Well the answer is that yes – at 12pm on Tuesday, August 31, we hit our very ambitious Honest Egg’s goal.

With big grins on our faces, we celebrated not only achieving that specific goal, but also the launch of TalentEgg 4.0. We had pink champagne, snacks from Starbucks, and a send-off for one our beloved summer interns, Daisy.

We all then returned to our desks and buckled down. With the new site still in testing mode, a million “Focus” specials launching on the site in the next 6 weeks, and the result of a successful August meaning the on-boarding of 14 new employers and educators on the site, we’re busier than ever.

Not to mention, we have another hefty goal for September.

Now let me take it back a step and say that when I announced that the prize associated with hitting our Honest Egg’s goal (a trip to Honest Ed’s where we all chose out an outfit to wear to work the next day), there were certain members of the team (coughDANCASSANDRAcough) who were actually hoping we wouldn’t hit the goal so they wouldn’t be subjected to the Honest Ed’s adventure.

So when we actually hit the goal, Steph had a great idea: Let’s take the cash we were going to spend on our own wardrobes at Honest Ed’s, and instead use it to purchase supplies for a charity. We’ve decided that that charity is going to be Red Door Family Shelter, which provides services for families and individuals who need safe and supportive emergency shelter.

In fact, we all liked the idea so much that we’ve decided to make Honest Egg’s a monthly event where, upon successful completion of our goal, we make an in-kind donation to a different charity each month. What do you think? We’re pretty egg-cited about it.

If there is a charity that you feel passionately about, send us along the link. For September, we’ve chosen the Toronto Humane Society.

With that said, I better get CRACKING! We all have tons to do, heads spinning, and a big goal to egg-ceed.