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You know what's embarrassing?

First of all, the fact that I apparently did not know how to spell embarrassing and had to have the spell-checker in Chrome remind me of its correct spelling.

More importantly: What’s embarrassing is the fact that I publicly announced I would be posting at least 3x per week on this blog, and it’s now been a solid 6 weeks since our last post.

I could lie and say that the reason is that Pancake and Lily are so extremely cute that it was hard to replace them, but the truth is that I’m simply a delinquent.

So what’s been going on at TalentEgg over the past 6 weeks?

Yup, you guessed it… a ton.

Our most recent really fun press coverage was in The Sun and republished in the London Free Press, The Whig Standard, 24 Hours, etc… right across the country! Definitely a highlight.

And I’ve been out and about in Waterloo, Calgary and Toronto speaking at conferences…

As for the rest of the team: Everyone here is in hyper busy mode. Our “Delivery” team is crazy busy prepping content for the January rush, and given that this involves a bunch of new employers and educators, you can bet that the rest of the team has been very busy as well.

We’ve also had some great ideas and development that I can’t talk about on here, but that I’m SUPER EGG-CITED about. While I can’t disclose the actual projects for fear of ruining the surprise, what I can say is that the changes coming up in 2011 will provide you – students and new grads – with even better resources than before… From the basics of career prep to industry research. And they’ll be delivered in fancy new ways that won’t be fancy at all, cause who are we kidding? TalentEgg is all about authentic, down-to-earth communications.

So with that overly confusing paragraph of mystery behind us, I will end this post and update. I hereby pledge to be better at blogging again… starting NOW.


  1. What will the punishment be if you do not blog more often hmmm?

  2. Is that a New Years Resolution I hear? Albeit on December 13th, but STILL…. Hmmmmm…

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