We always knew that there were a lot of good eggs out there looking for high quality internships, summer jobs, student jobs and entry level jobs, but it was great to come across this information on Statistics Canada this morning: Apparently, as we launched TalentEgg in 2008, Egg production increased!

Statistics Canada Chart 4: Production of eggs, Canada, 2000-2009

All yokes aside, our launch and subsequent re-launch toward the end of 2008 coincided with one of the toughest job hunting periods in history for Canadian youth, a situation from which the country still has not truly recovered. Lots of eggs, not a lot of cartons.

However, with new companies joining TalentEgg.ca every month and lots of employers creating internship and new grad programs behind the scenes, we know what a lot of young eggs still don’t know – the situation is improving.

Working so closely with employers, career centres, faculty, student leaders, and students themselves, we also have unique insight into the overriding problems in campus recruitment. Namely, the mismatch between what employers are looking for both superficially (grades, egg-citing resumes, egg-cellent interviews) and truly (top talent that can quickly make an impact in their organizations), and what students are offering to them in the recruitment process.

Over the past (almost!) 3 years, we’ve produced literally thousands of resources for students, and with each iteration of our site, aim to improve both the resources themselves and the way that students find them.

We’ve also done a fair bit of speaking and writing aimed at employers, with the goal of helping employers gain a deeper understanding into student life and student decision making. This is something we’ll be devoting more of our resources to in the coming months.

As a company that was born out of a real-life experience, and that is so organically and completely connected to student/recent grad life, we truly identify and represent the student voice in Canada. Stay tuned for (much, much) more.