The first annual Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards and Conference event on May 14 in Toronto brings together industry best practices and real feedback from top Canadian students to provide a 360-degree view of how to achieve outstanding results in campus recruitment in Canada.

Leading up to the event, we are publishing “conference previews” featuring more information about each of our talented speakers and their presentations.

Leah Wilson, Manager, Recruitment, CGILeah Wilson
Manager, Recruitment

Leah Wilson is a seasoned recruitment optimization and talent management professional with diversified experience in various industry sectors, including consulting, technology, banking and retail. In recent years, she has built best in class talent acquisition programs and talent management teams at Sobeys, RIM and now CGI. (Follow Leah on Twitter)

From Co-op To Entry Level: How To Retain Top Co-op Students


What will you be sharing in your seminar?

I plan on sharing a few insights about what students want from an employer, directly from the source.


What do you think is the biggest missed campus recruitment opportunity for employers in Canada?

Being there all the time in some way – the tendency is to go to campus on a just-in-time basis.


Do you think employers have to do “do it all”? Why or why not?

Not necessarily. I think employers need to know what their offering is and be honest about it. Then they need to find the people that make sense to be part of what they do have.


What strategy or initiative from the past year are you most proud of?

Being part of CareerMash and communicating key messages about technology as a career choice to students in high school.


What do you think is the biggest game changer in campus recruitment right now?

The economy. It drives decisions that can make campus recruitment either a solution or an expense.


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