The countdown is on! As the year comes to a close, we’re rounding up our best campus recruitment resources from 2014.

It was an egg-ceptional year for the campus community – from the insider-insight shared at the 2014 TalentEgg National Campus Recruitment Awards and Conference to the egg-citement of the fall recruitment season, there were many opportunities to learn and explore campus best practices. The following resources reflect the range of experiences, events and conversations that took place throughout 2014 and are useful, actionable content for attracting, targeting and recruiting Gen Y.

Revisit 2014’s best campus recruitment resources before the clock strikes midnight!

The 3 types of students and how they approach their careers

Newsflash: Students are not the same. This article was the first in a content series that examined how employers could better recruit Gen Y talent by understanding the various types of students found on campus. Supported by the experiences and opinions of dozens of student leaders collected during the 2012 fall semester, the study continues to resonate with readers.

Click here to learn more about the students you’ll meet on campus.

How to improve your candidate experience

The candidate experience can say a lot about your organization. Gen Y talent want to feel respected as they go through your application process, and top employers work hard to provide candidates with an overall experience rooted in customer-service. In June, we delved into why the candidate experience matters – and discovered how it impacts your recruitment efforts (for better or for worse).

Take a look at what we learned.

5 things students want from a campus recruiter

Students and grads know how to recognize campus recruitment excellence. When we spoke to Gen Y about their “ideal campus recruitment candidate”, their insight revealed a lot about the type of person (and brand) they want to engage with. We explored the findings on 360 and uncovered five specific qualities that can differentiate campus recruitment leaders from the rest.

Find out what students want – and why.

The 2014 Campus Recruitment Pocketbook for Campus Recruiters

September is go-time, and in 2014 we made sure you hit the ground running. This 20-page eBook was created to help campus recruitment professionals optimize their on-campus and online efforts for the always-on Gen Y. Covering a variety of topics (Instagram, live tweeting, virtual info sessions), the Pocketbook was, and continues to be, an effective addition to your professional arsenal.

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Gen Z: Engaging the next generation of talent

There’s a new group of talent on the rise, and they’re ready to make their mark on your employer brand. In honour of Take Our Kids to Work Day, we introduced Generation Z to the campus recruitment community – who they are, how they’re different and why they matter. The article examined their unique characteristics and recommended innovative social and mobile strategies for effective engagement.

Meet the new kids on the block.

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