You’re applying to the TalentEgg National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards – egg-citing news!

The #TEAwards celebrate the the best in Canadian campus recruitment, so we’re sharing a few tips, tricks and best practices to help you craft an award-winning submission.

STEP 1: Organize

The first step to getting started is deciding which award categories to apply to.* The categories range from excellence in on-the-job programs to innovation in recruitment marketing and are inclusive of employer brands from every industry in Canada.

Make a list of the categories you want to apply to by delving into each one – this will give you a better sense of what is involved with each award. As you read through the category briefings, ask yourself whether your campus recruitment efforts meet the outlined criteria.

Not sure if you’ve got what it takes? Conduct a simple market analysis for more insight! Take a look through the lists of past award winners and finalists – are there any similarities between your campus recruitment initiatives and those of past winners/finalists?

*You are able to apply to more than one award, but can only submit one application per category. If you’re interested in applying to the Campus Recruiter of the Year category, you can nominate multiple campus recruiters from the same organization.

STEP 2: Prepare

Ready to move into the development phase? Egg-cellent! Over the years, we’ve noticed that student judges tend to favour applicants who are able to back up their achievements with solid evidence. Students want proof of concept, so be sure to gather all of the necessary info needed for a detailed submission. Statistics, percentages or quotes can help you paint a comprehensive picture for the student judges.

You should also compile any marketing materials you might need and links to relevant aspects of your online profile. This could include:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Employee testimonials
  • Social media handles
  • Other relevant links

Additional documents or attachments can be sent in with your application via email – check the application page for more details!

STEP 3: Execute

Now that you’ve laid the groundwork for your submission, it’s time to start building! Start by mapping out your achievements in a way that’s logical, concise and easy to understand. Whenever possible, use bulleted lists or visuals to convey your points.

Next, tailor your submission to your audience. The judging panel is made up of hundreds of top Canadian students, so keep them in mind as you start to draft your application. Be aware of the language you use (stay away from too much jargon), the style you employ (Gen Y aren’t big fans of plain text documents) and the level of creativity you leverage (video submission or Prezi presentation vs. a traditional application).

If you’re not sure whether your submission will appeal to the judges, ask a Gen Y team member to look over your application – they’ll let you know whether it will resonate with their peers on the judging panel. The goal is to create a submission that stands out from the competition and engages the student judges in an accessible, memorable way.

You’re on your way to being recognized as a campus recruitment champion. Good luck!

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