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4 secret questions students have (and want you to answer)

Students and grads have a lot of questions for potential employers.

“What is the interview process like?”

“What makes an application stand out?”

“How do you decide who to hire?”

Then there are the questions Gen Y have but don’t ask – questions that, on the surface, aren’t the most appropriate, but touch on broader professional themes that reflect a real concern with finding an employer that fits.

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Employer branding: How to make a great marketing video

Video content for campus recruitment purposes is on the rise, and it’s because Generation Y likes to consume information they can connect with.

Today’s students and grads have grown up in a very unique environment, one where information has become increasingly visual. From YouTube to Instagram, it’s now better to be seen and heard.

“[Gen Y is] a generation that likes to take in content and have some sort of emotional reaction to it.” Lauren Friese, founder of TalentEgg, explains.

“Visuals are a really great way of doing that.”

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Campus recruitment prep: How to be a better public speaker

From viral commencement addresses to motivational TED Talks, we are enamoured by the power of a great speech.

Whether you’re an industry leader or a new kid on the block, public speaking can help you leverage your employer brand during campus recruitment season. Public speakers have a unique ability to influence their audience and convince them of the value in their argument. In a room full of potential Gen Y candidates, positioning your employer brand as the best career-hatching option for students or recent grads is a useful skill to have.

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Campus recruitment prep: 5 ways your info session presentation can make an impression

The room is booked, registration numbers are looking good, and you’re ready to make a lasting impression on the students attending your employer information session.

As an integral part of your campus recruitment efforts, hosting an on-campus info session is an excellent way to connect with potential candidates and establish your employer presence at the grassroots level.

But before you get started, we have to ask—how good is your slideshow presentation?

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