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Behind the scenes of a TalentEgg video shoot (kind of)

Yesterday afternoon we welcomed a design engineer in training from Ontario Power Generation to the Egg Carton for about an hour to shoot a video series for our upcoming Focus on Engineering (Sept. 20-24).

However, before he arrived, I had to configure the “set” to get it ready for the interview. I asked Danielle (editorial assistant) and Daisy (marketing intern) to act as host and guest while I adjusted the camera and the lighting. And recorded them.

Hilarity ensued.

Please welcome Jelena, TalentEgg's new intern

Hello! My name is Jelena and I’m a new member of the TalentEgg team – the market research intern.

I am a first-year arts and contemporary studies (ACS) student at Ryerson University here in Toronto.

It’s a really big change from high school, but I keep myself busy with extracurricular activities in and out of school. I try to stay connected with as many people and events as possible, and it helps with my school work and aspirations.

I went to an arts high school for visual arts and graduated with interests in photography and communication. Even while in high school, I devoted my time for internships and getting my art and work out there, building a base for my future.

Through a co-op, I got an internship at a popular social networking site. It wasn’t something I was familiar with or knew much about, but before I knew it that internship set my whole future career.

I always wanted to pursue a degree in journalism and I hadn’t considered any other options. Journalism is a very competitive field and once I was finally accepted at Ryerson (for ACS), the program didn’t make a difference. Something I’ve learned along the way is that it’s still possible to pursue a career in journalism without a journalism degree.

Being a student and having internship positions and experiences are so valuable because they help build your resume and put your name out there. Internships are also great for trying out new fields and expanding connections.

Experience, hard work, ambition, and drive are the things that landed me two (my second now at TalentEgg) internships in the course of a year in the communication, marketing and journalism fields.

TalentEgg Summer Party

Thanks to everyone who came out to the TalentEgg Summer Party at the Madison last night! I think we all had a lot of fun (maybe a little too much fun)!

Special thanks to the Incubator contributors who came out last night, Danielle Lorenz, Courtney John-Reader and Nicole Wray, and also our resident Twitter-er Ryan McColeman.

It was great to meet with and talk to some of the people who have been supporting TalentEgg since the beginning, as well as the people who volunteer their time to help us produce content for and engage students and new grads who are looking for meaningful careers. You guys make it all possible and we appreciate your support, your time and your efforts so much!

That being said, here’s a VERY small sampling of photos from the party:

Incubator contributors Danielle Lorenz and Nicole Wray

Ryan, Mike, Kalynn, Daniel and Peter

Cassandra, Ryan, Lauren and Daniel

A day in the life of TalentEgg

Today has been a funny day within an incredible week. i.e. the best week we’ve ever had at TalentEgg in a number of ways.

Today, the highlight is ‘decorating the Egg Carton’, and as I write this, I’m realizing a major oversight- in our decorations planning, we did not include a physical egg carton. We will have to rectify that situation (note to self).

Anyway, Tina is currently very busy decorating our new whiteboard with special TalentEgg-coloured dry-erase markers and with content such as “Eggcelent Progress”, which will track our growth week-to-week, and “Goals to Hatch”, where we’ll measure key metrics we work towards achieving each week (one of them is “Client Touching”).

I’m pretty busy supervising that effort.

We have also acquired construction paper and markers, which will be used to create The TalentEgg Cloud 9 project (as well as for general colouring and creative activities).

Daniel has been posting aproximately 100 million new jobs over the past few hours and sending out a couple of e-mail blasts to boot.

We’re kind of annoyed that he’s not helping with our very important work instead (colouring in the office).