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Please welcome Jelena, TalentEgg's new intern

Hello! My name is Jelena and I’m a new member of the TalentEgg team – the market research intern.

I am a first-year arts and contemporary studies (ACS) student at Ryerson University here in Toronto.

It’s a really big change from high school, but I keep myself busy with extracurricular activities in and out of school. I try to stay connected with as many people and events as possible, and it helps with my school work and aspirations.

I went to an arts high school for visual arts and graduated with interests in photography and communication. Even while in high school, I devoted my time for internships and getting my art and work out there, building a base for my future.

Through a co-op, I got an internship at a popular social networking site. It wasn’t something I was familiar with or knew much about, but before I knew it that internship set my whole future career.

I always wanted to pursue a degree in journalism and I hadn’t considered any other options. Journalism is a very competitive field and once I was finally accepted at Ryerson (for ACS), the program didn’t make a difference. Something I’ve learned along the way is that it’s still possible to pursue a career in journalism without a journalism degree.

Being a student and having internship positions and experiences are so valuable because they help build your resume and put your name out there. Internships are also great for trying out new fields and expanding connections.

Experience, hard work, ambition, and drive are the things that landed me two (my second now at TalentEgg) internships in the course of a year in the communication, marketing and journalism fields.

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  1. Hey Jelena
    I really agree with you. Transition from high school to the workplace, college and/or university is indeed a little hard. When I graduted from high school, I found that I was on my own in the college and that I don’t have guidance counsellors and principals to guide me or discipline me or give me detention for being a mischievious person.

    Its great to get enrolled in extracurricular activities because you can put it in the resume which employers look for, because you gain so much experience- technical skills, communication skills, teamwork skils, problem solving skills, etc. We learn these skills at school but they get more fine tuned. In colleges and universities, the focus is on ensuring we learn about the field we’ve chosen as a career and we work in groups, we can use those fined tuned skills to improve those skills even more.

    Its true you can gain connections and increase your network. However, I feel sometimes employers may think you are over qualified. However, it is good to have references to help us gain that base to a successful career and we can reach our goals faster.

    Yes, experience, hard work, ambition, and drive are important to gain sucess, but we also need to add a hint of luck, good fate, and karma to gain success. Overall I feel its great to have all of this to help us become succsessful in our career.

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