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TalentEgg wins the Impact National Conference pitch competition!

Congratulations to TalentEgg founder Lauren Friese for taking home 1st prize in the inaugural Impact Pitch Competition at the 6th annual Impact National Conference on Saturday night in Toronto!

The entire TalentEgg team is so proud of Lauren’s accomplishments and all her hard work on TalentEgg from the start.

"Congratulations to the winners of our Pitch competitions, Christine Poirier & @laurenfriese!!#INC09" (Credit: @ImpactOrg)

Lauren won over the competition’s judges and the audience, made up of top students from across the country, by giving a short, five-minute speech about the story behind TalentEgg, why it’s such a valuable service for students and employers, and why we’ve been so successful as a business so far.

Check out the video below to see and hear the winning pitch that took 1st place and a prize of $10,000 in services from KPMG (a great company that happens to be one of our clients!).


  1. Hey team great work and congratulations. I’m curious as one day hope to be an entrepreneur myself. When you noted that milkrounds in UK was an inspiration did you partner with them or anything to help get things started or at least learn from their experiences – OR – did you just go and do it your way using them purely as a spark but not engaging them? Curious as I’m fascinated by the entrepreneur spirit and great things the egg team has achieved already. – thx G

  2. Congrats Lauren, what a moving, concise, and engaging pitch!

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