Are you looking to lead in your industry? A TalentEgg campaign can help you get there.

With a TalentEgg campaign, you can:

1. Reach more talent

Generation Y makes up one-third of Canada’s population, and TalentEgg finds its strength in numbers. TalentEgg is verified as the most popular job board and online career resource for students and grads in Canada. Our audience has grown steadily since we launched in 2008: this year alone, more than 4 million students and grads will use to find a job, up from the 3 million who did in 2013.

2. Be more accessible

Students and grads use TalentEgg to learn about industry leaders, research specific employers, compare competing organizations, and apply to meaningful opportunities. They want to access career-related information on their own terms, from any of their devices. TalentEgg puts your employer brand within a click’s reach of top Gen Y talent, showcasing your resources in a beautifully designed format that’s optimized for seamless mobile use and Gen Y tastes.

3. Specify your audience

TalentEgg campaigns feature promotional elements like social media marketing and custom email blasts that broadcast your recruitment message to an engaged community of students and recent grads. Whether broad in scope or targeted in reach, TalentEgg can amplify your recruitment priorities and better connect you to your ideal candidates.

4. Maximize your efforts

Implementing a campus recruitment program can be costly, especially when you’re trying to target students and grads across the country. TalentEgg offers employers a cost-effective complementary or alternative solution. It’s comprehensive, customizable and can augment your annual recruitment efforts by extending your reach nationwide and exposing your employer brand to a growing pool of quality talent, no matter where you’re located.

5. Be a part of our network

TalentEgg is the preferred choice of top Canadian employers, and is widely used across a variety of industries, from oil and gas to healthcare. Organizations like PwC, Shell, TJX, Rexall, IBM, and RBC choose TalentEgg because they know it can accelerate their campus recruitment efforts by helping them effectively attract, target and recruit Gen Y talent.

6. Leverage innovation

TalentEgg campaigns redefine what’s possible in online campus recruitment. We are committed to constantly developing new features and products that improve the way employers engage top Gen Y talent.

TalentEgg Challenges, for example, allow you to develop case-study-like competitions that help screen potential applicants, build pipeline, and create genuine employer interest–all while helping Gen Y gain skills and experience. Office Hours are online live-chats that let you interact with hundreds of students and grads across the country, answer their career- and employer-related questions, and communicate organizational priorities virtually.

We know what Gen Y wants, meaning you’ll always be on the leading edge of campus recruitment trends.

7. Invest in Canadian youth

When we hatched the idea for TalentEgg back in 2008, we set out to help students and recent grads like ourselves transition from school-to-work successfully. Our goal hasn’t changed since then, and as TalentEgg continues to empower Canadian youth to hatch meaningful career opportunities, it’s also empowering the employers who believe in their potential.

By launching a TalentEgg campaign, you become part of the youth employment solution, boosting the overall perception of your employer brand at the same time.

8. Join an award-winning platform

TalentEgg has been decorated with numerous awards and accolades from the campus recruitment community. We have been named “National Best Business” and “Canada’s Best Expanding Business” by the Canadian Youth Business Foundation and have been recognized by CACEE as the winner of the “Outstanding Innovation” award in 2013 and the “Excellence In Student Innovation” award in 2012.

9. Share our spotlight

Our achievements in online campus recruitment have established TalentEgg as a definitive leader, and our story and commentary are often featured in some of the country’s leading publications, including The Globe and Mail, The National Post, Maclean’s Magazine, and Metro News Canada. TalentEgg has appeared on CBC’s The National, CTV’s Canada AM, and Business News Network, and has received international press coverage from the BBC and numerous other media outlets.

10. Be confident in your decision

TalentEgg’s continued success is reflected in the confidence of our employer clients. Over the past six years, 98.7% of the employers we partner with have renewed their TalentEgg campaigns. This speaks to our success in ensuring employers’ ideal candidates engage with their brand and opportunities. We don’t want to brag, but that’s pretty egg-ceptional.

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