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10 ways TalentEgg gets you ahead of the campus recruitment curve

Are you looking to lead in your industry? A TalentEgg campaign can help you get there.

With a TalentEgg campaign, you can:

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600 career articles, 60 videos, 100 contributors and more in 18 months

Anyone who knows me knows that the Career Incubator is my baby. Its creation and success has essentially launched my own entry-level career as an editor, and it has helped me learn and grow so much since it first hatched in February 2009.

This morning, I published the Incubator’s 600th article!!! It’s the first in a fantastic three-part series for international students who want to work in Canada (a small but important part of our audience), produced in partnership with the Canadian University Application Centre.

600 may seem like a strange milestone to some—why not 500, you ask? I’m not sure. 600 just seems like a lot of articles.

Back in November 2009, we reported that we had published 300 articles on the Incubator, which means we’ve doubled the number of articles since then!

More than 60 of those posts (a little more than 10%) also include video that we’ve produced in-house.

It probably goes without saying, but I’m so proud of our little online magazine. When Lauren and I first put it online and began recruiting contributors, I was still a fourth-year student at Ryerson University and I never imagined that, within 18 months, we would publish 600 articles and more than 60 videos, or that I would have worked with nearly 100 amazing student and new grad contributors.

I really hope the resources we’ve provided through it have been valuable for students and recent grads right across Canada (and beyond), and I’m so egg-cited about the content we’re currently producing to be published this fall!

If you have any feedback or suggestions for the Career Incubator, please leave them in the comments. I’d love to know what we’re doing horribly wrong and also what we’re doing that you love!

Now, just for fun, here are the Top 10 articles of all time (determined by number of pageviews):

Meet Virginia, the latest addition to the Egg Carton

TalentEgg recently welcomed a new addition to the team: Virginia Knott, sales rep! (You may have seen her briefly in the April Fool’s joke video from last week.)

Virginia is a recent McMaster grad who actually landed the job here at TalentEgg by using some of the resumé techniques found here on the Career Incubator.

She also has some EGGstraordinary dance moves! She’ll fit in here just fine.

Lauren's 2nd appearance on Canada AM

Lauren made her second appearance on Canada AM this morning to discuss job hunting techniques for students and recent grads.

Here are some of the tips she offered:

  • biggest mistake students make is job searching too narrowly, both in the methods they use to find jobs and also in the types of roles they seek
  • there are so many more opportunities this year compared to last year
  • as we demonstrated during the Focus on Retail event in March, retail is a valuable work experience for any profession – employers from all different industries, not just retail, love retail experience
  • there are so many amazing resources online, including TalentEgg, and also including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, that can go outside the traditional job searching methods
  • on a resume, start with your core skills and don’t just put in your work experiences but demonstrate your life experiences which will show the employer that you’ll be a positive return on investment (ROI) for them
  • link to your online profiles (as long as they’re appropriate!)

Thanks to RW&CO for providing Lauren’s wardrobe! She visited RW&CO at Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto last week to choose an outfit. We got the whole adventure on video, so stay tuned for that footage later this week!

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