Lauren made her second appearance on Canada AM this morning to discuss job hunting techniques for students and recent grads.

Here are some of the tips she offered:

  • biggest mistake students make is job searching too narrowly, both in the methods they use to find jobs and also in the types of roles they seek
  • there are so many more opportunities this year compared to last year
  • as we demonstrated during the Focus on Retail event in March, retail is a valuable work experience for any profession – employers from all different industries, not just retail, love retail experience
  • there are so many amazing resources online, including TalentEgg, and also including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, that can go outside the traditional job searching methods
  • on a resume, start with your core skills and don’t just put in your work experiences but demonstrate your life experiences which will show the employer that you’ll be a positive return on investment (ROI) for them
  • link to your online profiles (as long as they’re appropriate!)

Thanks to RW&CO for providing Lauren’s wardrobe! She visited RW&CO at Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto last week to choose an outfit. We got the whole adventure on video, so stay tuned for that footage later this week!