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A day in the life of TalentEgg

Today has been a funny day within an incredible week. i.e. the best week we’ve ever had at TalentEgg in a number of ways.

Today, the highlight is ‘decorating the Egg Carton’, and as I write this, I’m realizing a major oversight- in our decorations planning, we did not include a physical egg carton. We will have to rectify that situation (note to self).

Anyway, Tina is currently very busy decorating our new whiteboard with special TalentEgg-coloured dry-erase markers and with content such as “Eggcelent Progress”, which will track our growth week-to-week, and “Goals to Hatch”, where we’ll measure key metrics we work towards achieving each week (one of them is “Client Touching”).

I’m pretty busy supervising that effort.

We have also acquired construction paper and markers, which will be used to create The TalentEgg Cloud 9 project (as well as for general colouring and creative activities).

Daniel has been posting aproximately 100 million new jobs over the past few hours and sending out a couple of e-mail blasts to boot.

We’re kind of annoyed that he’s not helping with our very important work instead (colouring in the office).


  1. Sounds awesome! Sorry I wasn’t there to help. 🙁

  2. Keep up the good work Lauren! It’s great to see Eggtalent grow.
    Happy holidays to the entire team.

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