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Announcing the Finalists of the 2022 TalentEgg National Recruitment Excellence Awards and Conference!

Congratulations to the finalists of the 2022 TalentEgg National Recruitment Excellence Awards and Conference! We are beyond egg-cited to celebrate with you and announce the winners at our VIRTUAL Awards and Conference on July 13, 2022

The TalentEgg Awards applications are evaluated by our team of hand-picked, top student judges from across Canada, who give a student perspective and first-hand feedback on career development programs, employer branding, recruitment strategies and more.

Please join us at this year’s Awards and Conference to celebrate the winners and check out insightful panels with our egg-cellent lineup of expert speakers from the recruitment and career development space. We will be sharing critical insights from our Student, New Grad and Early Career Survey conducted this spring to understand how the pandemic is impacting Canada’s young job seekers and influencing employers’ future recruitment strategies. We will explore virtual tools and practices to help employers continue to engage and attract top candidates in the “new normal” of remote recruiting. We will also share best practices, developing soft skills, along with insights on diversity and the future of the workplace.

Don’t miss out! Early bird Tickets are available NOW and end July 1 at 11:59 PM!

Now, what you’ve really been waiting for: Your 2022 Finalists!

2022 TalentEgg National Recruitment Excellence Awards Finalists

Please note: Finalists are listed in alphabetical order.


Best Grad Program

Best Campus Career Website

Best Internship/Co-Op Program – Sponsored by U of T Scarborough Management 

Campus Recruiting Program of the Year

Campus Recruiting Program of the Year for a Nonprofit

Best Employer Branding and Outreach

Best Social Media Presence

Special Award for Diversity and Inclusion in Recruiting

Special Award for Corporate Social Responsibility in Recruiting

Best Contribution to Student Career Development (Employers)

  • Bell
  • CIBC
  • Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.
  • Momentswithbren Consulting Inc.

Best Use of Student Competitions for Recruitment

Special Award for Innovation by a Career Centre

  • Smith School of Business – Queen’s University

Best Contribution to Mental Health in the Workspace

Career Coach/Educator of the Year (Individual)

  • Brenda Okorogba (Momentswithbren Consulting Inc.)


Thank you to all of the employers, career centres and educational institutions who participated this year. We look forward to connecting with you at our conference to celebrate all the finalists and announce the winners of the 2022 TalentEgg National Recruitment Excellence Awards.

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Exclusive Insights Live from our 2021 #TEAwards Surveys

At our 2021 TalentEgg Awards and Conference, over 80 recruiters and industry professionals attended to join us in celebrating the best in student and new grad recruitment. Throughout the conference, we conducted some surveys to uncover some exclusive insights for the future of recruitment and the workplace in our ever-changing world.

Virtual Recruitment is Here to Stay

One of the questions we asked recruiters and industry professionals was, “Will your organization continue to incorporate virtual campus events as part of their overall campus recruitment strategy?” Out of 35 respondents, 77% answered “yes,” while 23% answered, “I’m not sure yet.” Thus, it is clear that an overwhelming majority of participants are going to continue incorporating virtual initiatives to engage and provide students with opportunities, while the minority are, at the very least, open to the idea.

exclusive insights

Employees Want to Return to a Hybrid Workplace

Regarding the future of the workplace, an overwhelming 79% of respondents answered “hybrid (a combo of remote & in-person) when we asked them, “What type of workplace would you like your employer to adopt?” Meanwhile, the remaining 21% of respondents answered “completely remote/virtual.” Regarding the ever-changing workplace, results are indicating that the future of the workplace is going to change. For the most part, say goodbye to long commutes and face-to-face interactions in the office. The pandemic has allowed companies to adapt and overcome obstacles to remote work, and as a result, hybrid workplaces are the newest trend that is here to stay.

Soft Skills are Critical for Career Development

As highlighted in our Guide to Recruitment 2021, soft skills are crucial to students’ and new grads’ development and career success. But, what kind of soft skills, in particular, are recruiters and industry professionals looking for in the workplace? We asked our awards and conference attendees to tell us, “What soft skill do you think is the most important for young professionals to develop?” The most common answers were communication, curiosity, adaptability, leadership and resilience. Other responses included time management, flexibility, empathy and critical thinking.

Exclusive Ways to Connect Virtually with Students

Whether you’re a career educator or a campus recruiter looking for the most effective ways to engage with or hire students and grads or you’re a job seeker wanting to network with employers, we’ve got you covered. We asked attendees, “what has been the most effective VIRTUAL way you engaged with students this past year?” and the answers varied across all respondents. For instance, 26% of respondents stated: “coffee chats” as their top pick, while 22% of respondents stated, “social media” and “networking sessions,” both tied as the second most popular answer.

Something worth noting is that none of the options were left unanswered! Although coffee chats, networking sessions, and social media were the most popular answers, there is still value in investing time and effort into other initiatives such as information sessions and case competitions.

Effective Virtual Student Engagement

The Demand for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Recruitment and Employee Engagement

Finally, attendees acknowledged the heightened need for employers to commit to and embrace DEI initiatives in their recruitment and employee engagement strategies. When we asked attendees “What do you see as the most transformative changes in recruitment and employer engagement around diversity, equity and inclusion in the future?” Among the answers were “top-down approach to attracting, finding and hiring diverse talent,” “partnering with EDI students clubs,” “open-mindedness,” and “providing scholarships and support to the community.” As a recruiter or HR professional, take the time to sit down with your company leaders and carefully discuss meaningful and impactful ways to embed diversity and inclusion initiatives into the workplace effectively.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

For more trends on recruitment, the trends in demand from students and new grads, and a glimpse of the future of the ever-changing workplace, check out our Guide to Recruitment 2021 package, brought to you by our team at TalentEgg.

We’re going VIRTUAL! Tickets now on sale for the 2020 TalentEgg National Recruitment Excellence Awards & Conference

This year we’re so egg-cited to host the TalentEgg National Recruitment Excellence Awards & Conference VIRTUALLY on July 8th, 2020! Visit our awards website for tickets and the upcoming agenda.

For the past 9 years, the TalentEgg National Recruitment Excellence Awards & Conference has provided an opportunity for employers, accredited universities and colleges, career centres, career educators and coaches to be recognized within the industry for their excellent employer branding, career education and recruitment initiatives; and to come together to share the latest recruitment trends.

This year we want to continue to bring you that same egg-citing experience and valuable information virtually, as the safety of our clients, sponsors, industry partners and conference attendees is our priority during this pandemic. We aim to bring our attendees fresh recruitment trends, COVID-19 survey results from students and new grads, engaging panel discussions and more, that you can enjoy from home!

What to expect from the TalentEgg virtual conference:

1. An interactive and versatile platform for attendees to get the full conference experience.

The conference will be hosted on an online platform  that allows attendees to tune into live virtual panel sessions and engage in real-time with speakers to ask questions, network with fellow attendees via chat groups and more! We will share best practices and guidelines to use the platform once you’ve purchased your tickets. 

2. Crucial information on the impact COVID-19 has had on students, new grads and early career professionals.

COVID-19 has impacted every industry in the past few months; the new grad and early career job market and recruitment sector in Canada is no exception. We surveyed our users to find out just how COVID-19 has impacted their job prospects, their career development, and their attitude to current and future employers. We can’t wait to share the trends we found and solutions moving forward. 

3. An egg-citing line up of panellists and speakers who are experts in the recruitment space.

Stay tuned for more speakers and panel topic announcements. 

Although we won’t have last year’s stunning Toronto view, we will have the latest recruitment trends to share. Here’s what last year’s attendees took away from the conference:

See you at the conference!

Interested in sponsoring the event? See the sponsorship opportunities here.

First Time At The TalentEgg Awards & Conference? Here Are 4 Tips To Help You Prepare

The countdown to the TalentEgg Awards and Conference is on!

We’ve been hard at work here at TalentEgg, making sure everything is in order for the main event. At the same time, we want to help our attendees make the most of their time with us. If you’re new to the #TEAwards, you might be asking yourself what you need to do to get ready. Well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Campus recruiters – avoid the last minute ‘scramble’ with these tips for a smooth experience.

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