TalentEgg has been busy lately and you may have noticed a few new things around the site. We’ve been slowly adding new companies and new jobs. For example, today Scotiabank Group joined the career fair on TalentEgg.ca.

Another major change has been the addition of the TalentEgg Career Insider, a career resource for students, written by new-grads and industry professionals.

You may be asking- why is this different than other career resources? The short answer is that all articles on the Career Insider are a) personal and b) specific. For example “How useful is my BA in Economics?” or “How I went from Politics (to law) to dreams of becoming a chef”.

We’re currently looking for more contributions, so if you’ve had an experience that you think that the students of TalentEgg would benefit from, let us know!

And, as always, feedback is not only welcome but much appreciated!