Hello all you TalentEggers!

On Friday of last week I was fortunate enough to be invited to join the hardworking team here at TalentEgg and I couldn’t be more excited. As is the case with many of the students visiting the site I had recently graduated from a great school and was unsure how to approach to job market. I ended up working for my family and while that was great, I was looking for something new that could be the foundation of a new career. Interestingly enough I found that opportunity with TalentEgg by using the TalentEgg website. The atmosphere here is amazing; everyone is friendly, smart and genuine and I can’t wait to work with them all. I will be stepping in to the role of account manager and am responsible for ensuring that all of TalentEgg’s clients have a resource to get all questions answered and all concerns addressed.

I will be sure to update everyone on all things TalentEgg as time goes on

Have a Great Day!