Here are this month’s top campus recruitment tips.

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1. Recruit with a smile

Hiring and recruitment are serious topics, but that doesn’t mean they can’t incorporate a bit of humour.

Even if your organization can’t make humour a central part of its recruitment platform there’s no reason your corporate branding and social media presence can’t strive to make your audience chuckle.

“Focus on your company’s culture. Is it a place that people want to work at? While hard figures are important, top-tier talent will be looking for something deeper.”
Jonathan Suter, Graduate, Queen’s University

Incorporating humour into your strategy helps Gen Y recognize that your organization is self-aware and in touch with the human side of the working world.

Not sure where to get started? Start simple. What’s fun and unique about your company culture? How can you share that?

2. Be accessible

Accessibility is a simple principle that is difficult to master.

Today’s students and grads are accustomed to accessing any information they want – when they want it, where they want it. If your information isn’t easily accessible (and relevant), you’ll likely find your audience wandering elsewhere.

“Make it easier for students to find job opportunities with your company/organization.”
Lucy Gao, Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario

Being accessible not only means providing information in easily-accessible formats but also taking into account the devices students and grads use to access information and providing a user experience that balances depth with ease-of-access.

Meeting the needs of your audience saves them time and encourages them to spend less time looking and more time learning – and engaging.

3. Use Gen Y to recruit Gen Y

Each generation has a different set of values and loyalties.

Today’s students and recent grads don’t only invest their trust or loyalty in a company alone – they look for a person they can relate to, be it someone just like themselves or someone with a few years of experience they can aspire to emulate.

Engage your student and new grad hires to communicate with your potential candidates. Their insights and feedback should be part of both the planning and execution of your campus recruitment strategy.

Involving your student and new grad hires in discussions about recruitment and hiring also shows that you value their insight and is conducive to better communication and collaboration.

4. Integrate, don’t interrupt

Successful campus recruitment messaging is found and consumed when someone is looking for it, not when it’s an interruption to what the person is meaning to do.

Well-equipped to manage and prioritize an infinite amount of information, Gen Y also excels at blocking out what they don’t feel like seeing.

“My advice for employers would be: put [jobs] where the students are looking if you actually want them to apply.”
Lena Akey, Student, Ryerson University

Providing a well-rounded set of resources in the right place is more effective than blanket sound bytes in every forum: it’s more effective to reach out to an engaged audience than to try and distract one.

Students and recent grads visit TalentEgg to learn about job opportunities and engage with employer brands, which is why the employer profiles and content on TalentEgg are so effective.

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