I just read this article in Toronto Star about the internship program at the Ontario Legislature and the ” fabulous experience (it is) for both the interns and the MPPs” and it made me think…

If you are having a tough time finding a new grad job (have you checked out Talentegg.ca yet?) maybe its time to consider being an intern for a little while.

You can gain a lot of valuable experience and network with people in your field; just because you may be making peanuts, or maybe even nothing at all, doesn’t mean you aren’t getting value out of it.

Get on the phones and place a couple calls to companies you would be really interested in working in and give them your pitch.  Tell them a capable, ambitious grad wants to work for them.  The worst they can say is no. With the economy in the shape that it is they would probably welcome all the help they could get.  So if you think you are stuck, maybe an internship could be right for you.