On Wednesday, TalentEgg hosted a Twitter chat about retail careers in the middle of our Retail Week, bringing employers and students together through a single hashtag: #TEretail

95 different Twitter accounts participated, generating more than 400 tweets with the #TEretail hashtag that reached 109,131 people, resulting in over 1.2 million impressions (source: TweetReach).

With outcomes like these, it’s hard to deny the power of social media when it comes to campus recruiting.

A few employers in the retail careers sphere stood out by demonstrating that they really “get” how powerful a tool Twitter can be for campus recruiting, including RBC, TJX Canada, Starbucks and Target.

They participated throughout the day, answering students’ questions about careers in retail – and careers in general – as well as sharing information about opportunities within their organizations.

It was amazing to see campus recruiters (and other HR professionals at some of the companies) taking so much time to engage with students via Twitter, and it was clear that it really made an impact on the students who were active in the chat.

We curated some highlights of the 400+ tweets using Storify, which you can see below.

[box style=”rounded” border=”full”]Discussion: As an employer, have you ever participated or would you participate in a Twitter chat like #TEretail to engage students for campus recruiting purposes? Add your thoughts and experiences to the discussion on LinkedIn.[/box]

#TEretail Retail Week Twitter Chat Highlights

Thank you to RBC, TJX Canada, Starbucks, Target and all of the other students, recent graduates, colleges and universities, and organizations that participated in the #TEretail chat!

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Why retail?

Students what made you consider a career in retail? What are you most excited about after grad? #TERetailKirsti Stubbs
@kirstistubbs The environment is conducive to growing both personally and professionally! Interacting with people is a lot of fun! #TEretailNaufil Rasheed
@TalentEgg Love identifying needs and talking to people!!Naufil Rasheed
@kirstistubbs fast paced environment & never ending learning & growing opportunities in the industry! + love for product & customer serviceHilary taylor
@kirstistubbs the excitement of working in an ever changing industry! Always being on the lookout for the next best thing! #TEretailDaniel Indreica
@TalentEgg Love the high-paced, high energy culture of the retail industry! Especially @lifeatwinners #TERetailMalvina Kozak
#TEretail @LifeAtWinners #Retail offers a dynamic, fast-paced work environment and you will #lovegoingtowork !Teresa Gabriele

Job opportunities and career paths in retail

TJX Canada (Winners, HomeSense, Marshalls)
#TEretail On becoming a retail Buyer-here is TJX’s career path-u can start as either a Merch Asst or Alloc Analyst http://<a href="http://t.co/gKdnJDjfFe" class="">pic.twitter.com/gKdnJDjfFe</a>Jennifer Patel
#TEretail We have many entry-level opportunities at our corp office for new grads, including Merchandise Asst and Allocation AnalystJennifer Patel
@_jfoster_ @LifeAtWinners We hire 3 times a year for Merchandise Assistant co-op students. Our next opening 4 this particular role is Sept.NatashaReichen
@TalentEgg @RBC has in-branch CSR, Call Centre Sales and Service Representives, Account Manager positions which are ideal for students/gradsRBC Student Careers
@RBC4Students will be #recruiting #undergrads Fall 2013 for a 2 yr Retail Business Analyst Program. Stay tuned for more details! #TEretailRBC Student Careers
@RBC4Students has a CSR Training Coordinator postion available for #grads in #Halifax. #TEretail @TalentEgghttp://<a href="http://t.co/IyVp2Sl9pE" class="">bit.ly/14a8lou</a>RBC Student Careers
Check out our Aboriginal Summer Internship Opportunity, available to #students.http://<a href="http://t.co/4fB57MlxAA" class="">bit.ly/16LJ2Zx</a> #Fulltime #Diversity #Sales #TEretailRBC Student Careers
Great opportunity for someone looking to work #PartTime, CSR role for a 6 month contract. http://<a href="http://t.co/dUX8k88HUd" class="">bit.ly/ZWTAhZ</a> #Edmunston #NB #TEretailRBC Student Careers
Client Service Rep position open and looking for someone in the #Peterborough area. Check it out! http://<a href="http://t.co/SidbUr538I" class="">bit.ly/11ool5S</a> #TEretail #PTRBC Student Careers
Canadian Tire
Each year our Co-Op program hires over 150 students into Marketing, Supply Chain, Finance, IT, Merch & Store Support roles. #TEretailCanadian Tire

Do you need a strong online presence to hatch your career in retail?

How important is it to have a visible internet presence in today’s recruiting environment? #TEretailLaurieJTaylor
@_LaurieJTaylor It’s absolutely essential, given that most companies are using online channels to recruit! #TEretailNaufil Rasheed
@_LaurieJTaylor Essential. It gives us exposure to you & its a great forum to learn about co.’s before an interview! #TEretailDani Morrison(Myhre)
Very interesting to see how social media can help to connect recruiters with potential talent #Dynamic #TEretail @LifeAtWinners @TalentEgg moe genore
@LifeAtWinners @moegenore agreed! We’re seeing more candidates come to us through social media channels instead of ‘traditional methods’Monika Mascitti
@UrSourcingPrtnr Would you say that Twitter is the most important platform for retail job seekers since personality is key? #TEretailNaufil Rasheed
@NaufilR @UrSourcingPrtnr Depends where the comapny is present, FB vsTwitter vsLinkedIn Impotant 2 do ur reserach, stay engaged #TEretailMalvina Kozak
@NaufilR Depends where the co is active& where ur most comfortable. LI is key & there r lots of ways to show ur personality on LI. #TEretailDani Morrison(Myhre)
@UrSourcingPrtnr Just found article How to Say ‘Look at Me!’ to an Online Recruiter http://<a href="http://t.co/54ZKLbcMsk" class="">nyti.ms/WdgT8M</a> #TEretail http://<a href="http://t.co/oZ8LoAcgM5" class="">pic.twitter.com/oZ8LoAcgM5</a>LaurieJTaylor
@_LaurieJTaylor Thx! @StarbucksCanada is doing sessions on campus on LI profiles – will incorporate some of these gr8 ideas! #TEretailDani Morrison(Myhre)
@_LaurieJTaylor @UrSourcingPrtnr great article, thanksMaria Zahid

Behind the scenes at top retail employers

#TEretail our #coop #students winter ’12. http://<a href="http://t.co/AYaqokID2i" class="">pic.twitter.com/AYaqokID2i</a>NatashaReichen
#TEretail Meet Adelia-Ryerson Student who gained valuable exp. while completing a #coop placement w/ @LifeAtWinners http://<a href="http://t.co/lyABgqEOQu" class="">pic.twitter.com/lyABgqEOQu</a>NatashaReichen
#TEretail being a Merchandise Assistant Co-op @ @winners @LifeAtWinners is an incredible experience w/ great learning opportunities! #careerHilary taylor
@hhilarytaylor we have enjoyed having you @LifeAtWinners.This is now your 2nd term and we look forward to you growing with the us #TEretailDeborah Virgo
#TEretail Meet Antonio! There are many career paths in #retail, Systems is just one of them @LifeAtWinners http://<a href="http://t.co/CSVzg7ArfX" class="">pic.twitter.com/CSVzg7ArfX</a>NatashaReichen
Check you our visit to @humbercollege http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Si63YsCggI Had such a good time meeting all the students! #TEretail #networking #retailTJX Canada
@LifeAtWinners Can you tell us about the “PASE” program for new grads? #TEretailTalentEgg.ca
@TalentEgg ‘PASE’ training includes: analyzing the business, creating shipping strategies and allocating merchandise to stores #TEretailErica Ramey
#TEretail 4-wk training starts your first day with other new Alloc Analysts-form friendships and learn how to create a "treasure hunt"!Jennifer Patel
In 1898, @RBC hauled a #safe by horse and pulleys over mountains from Alaska to BC to open a branch during Klondike Gold Rush. #TEretailRBC Student Careers
@RBC4Students @RBC That’s actually awesome. #TILCheri Lawley
In 1961, @RBC was the first #Canadian bank to install a computer – an #IBM 1401. #TEretail @TalentEggRBC Student Careers
@RBC opened a new ‘retail’ store in 2011, entirely new way of banking, interactive advice areas. #TEretail http://<a href="http://t.co/ME2qSABbYZ" class="">pic.twitter.com/ME2qSABbYZ</a>RBC Student Careers
@RBC has competitive compensation from salary to benefits. #TEretailRBC Student Careers
Thx @RBC4Students. Also, I’ve heard it’s difficult to move from a branch to head office. How can someone make this transition? #TEretailShantal H.
@henryshaa Exceed in your branch role, work closely with your manager to take advantage of our robust career development program. #TEretailRBC Student Careers
@RBC has the largest branch and strongest geographic reach from coast to coast with over 1,200 branches. #TEretailRBC Student Careers
@TalentEgg Here’s another inspiring story about a dif. @Starbucks in-store exp. that lead to #TEretail career success!http://<a href="http://t.co/TTAqEgZE6w" class="">shar.es/ei9dw</a>Dani Morrison(Myhre)
@Amy4Target @TalentEgg @Emily4Target @MaryW4Target What are the most important skills required for ETLs? #TEretailNaufil Rasheed
@NaufilR #TEretail def LEADERSHIP, collaboration, ability to give & receive feedback, engaging and inspriring others and problem solving!Amy Squire
@Amy4Target Thanks, that’s very helpful. In addition to including these when applying, what can recent grads do to stand out?. #TEretailNaufil Rasheed
@NaufilR Look for ways to highlight previous leadership roles doesn’t have to be employment: school/volunteer/sports as well! #TEretailAmy Squire
@NaufilR Oh & get to know your school’s career centre reps well, they have relationships with all the recruiters! #TEretail @TalentEggAmy Squire
@NaufilR @maryw4target is the lead recruiter for @UofT feel free to reach out to her for any q’s/follow her for updates on campus events!Amy Squire
@NaufilR I’m happy to answer any questions you might have!Mary Wong

Advice for students hatching careers in retail

@TalentEgg Retail students, make sure 2 apply for the Retail as a Career Scholarship! Apps due in 10 days! #TEretail http://www.retaileducation.ca/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=50&Itemid=57Telly Carayannakis
@moegenore It’s important 2 really read the JD & stay true 2 a position u really want, don’t forget 2 keep the career path in mind #TEretailMalvina Kozak
#TEretail Store exp. is a bonus but it’s about showcasing skills that are relevant to the job, even if your experience isn’t in retail.Jennifer Patel
#SunnySideUp #TEretail: Words of wisdom from the CEO of @StarbucksJobs! What’s the best career advice you’ve heard? http://<a href="http://t.co/YmcKELgGH3" class="">pic.twitter.com/YmcKELgGH3</a>TalentEgg.ca
@alannah_mary #TEretail connect directly w/ recruiters of companies u r interested in working 4, I always remember those who I’ve spoken w/NatashaReichen
@k_mclean @TalentEgg: Showcase your ideas, creativity and knowledge with new mediums and technology, that can definitely make you stand out!RBC Student Careers
#TEretail @lifeatwinners completing a coop or internship as part of your education is so valuable. It connects the academic w/practical exp.NatashaReichen
@patrycjawygnal we like to see that that you have knowledge about the company and a passion for our business.This goes a long way #TEretailDeborah Virgo
@patrycjawygnal @TalentEgg: "@Recruit_Campus says network, network, network". #TEretailRBC Student Careers
@danielus90 Know the job, know the company, know yourself. Find key successes in your career that speak to the role @LifeAtWinnersTeresa Gabriele
@danielus90 know company + know what you want… know how 2 answer "what are the top 3 most important things in your next opportunity?"Kirsti Stubbs
#TEretail Network! Not only attend career fairs – attend student run conferences at your school to network with industry professionals.NatashaReichen
@TalentEgg @starbucksjobs an experience in a store is invaluable! Drive sales, satisfy customers, market product and lead others. #TEretailKristen MacLellan
@kristenoncoffee @StarbucksJobs I completely agree! It’s both fun and rewarding.#TEretailNaufil Rasheed
@kristenoncoffee @TalentEgg Frontline experience is SO important! It lends great perspective if you move to a role outside of operations.Mitch Blom
@Miaz11 Be aware of trends, ability 2 analyze raw data, creativity, comm. skills R a must! Network w/ others in the industry #TEretailMalvina Kozak
@henryshaa: @ RBC Part time jobs in retail industry make candidates highly attractive for entry level CSR roles. #TEretailRBC Student Careers

Recommended retail reading

Any great book (or even blog?) recommendations for new grads starting out in a retail corporate office job? #TEretail @TalentEggKathryn Savoie
@kat_sav @TalentEgg great for anyone: Stepping Up: How Taking Responsibility Changes Everything By John IzzoSherman D
@kat_sav @TalentEgg The Retail Revival: Reimagining Business for the New Age of Consumerism by Doug StephensCatherine Sabetti
Just read this @bcbusiness article on #retail #marketing by @jasondubroy: http://<a href="http://t.co/ajTgBOlEA5" class="">ow.ly/jfOUs</a> Might be of interest to #TEretail chatters!Cassandra Jowett
I’d have to agree with Pete Cashmore on this one … The web has been my mentor #TERetail #BestAdvice (cc:@mashable) http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20130226114925-1863151-best-advice-the-web-as-my-mentor?trk=NUS_UNIU_PEOPLE_FOLLOW-megaphone-fllwKristie Schmuck

Seems like everyone enjoyed the chat!

Loving all the great feedback from #TEretail !!Patrycja Wygnal
#TEretail It is so exciting to see retailers take the time to answer #students questions #encouraging #supportHilary taylor
Loving the engagement in @TalentEgg Twitter Chat #TEretail Good Job Team!TJX Canada
@TalentEgg Thanks for hosting this chat! Had an awesome time participating! Look 4ward 2 the next one #TEretailTJX Canada
I admire @TalentEgg for connecting #jobseekers to #recruiters in their #TEretail session today!Ellie Khayatian
@TalentEgg Thank you for hosting this informative conversation today! Appreciate the feedback from everyone involved. #TEretailShantal H.