Wednesday, May 14th was a big day for campus recruiters: TalentEgg brought industry leaders together for Canada’s largest campus recruitment peer event – the 2014 National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards and Conference!

The conference featured a variety of egg-citing presentations and egg-ceptional networking opportunities – all in all, a highly engaging forum for collaboration and discussion!

This year, attendees left the conference with a special bonus: TalentEgg’s 2014 Guide to Canadian Campus Recruitment.

Featuring campus recruitment insights and best practices derived from 200+ top students, the booklet made a perfect complement to the learning experience provided by the conference.

Over a thousand tweets were generated with the official conference hashtag #TEAwards, reaching more than 165,000 people and resulting in over 4 million impressions (source: Tweet Binder).

Conference article (2560x735)

Check out some of the conference buzz below!