Toronto, ON. (May 9, 2017). CharityVillage, the largest and most popular job board in Canada’s nonprofit sector and TalentEgg, Canada’s leading job board and online resource for students and new grads announce Bmeaningful, Canada’s leading social impact career site has joined their family of online companies. Together, the family of companies will provide greater support, value and reach to its users and clients and are committed to helping people with their careers find purposeful work.

“Bmeaningful’s focus on social impact- including corporate social responsibility (CSR), social good and nonprofit – and their belief that there’s more to a job than making money are values that are aligned with CharityVillage and TalentEgg” says Wayne Albo, Chairman of CharityVillage and TalentEgg.

There’s a growing interest in having careers that allow you to make a positive impact at work. 88% of Millennials feel their job is more fulfilling when they have the opportunity to make a positive impact and the same study found that 76% of Millennials consider a company’s social and environmental commitments when deciding where to work and nearly two-thirds (64%) won’t take a job if a potential employer doesn’t have strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices. 2016 Cone Communications Millennial Employee Engagement Study

Doing well by doing good is fast becoming a business and financial imperative. In addition to the more than 170,000 charitable and non-profit Canadian organizations, there is also a movement within the for-profit sector to find ‘a better way to do business,’ with more corporations putting a higher priority on CSR. Additionally, many startups are structuring themselves as social purpose businesses- working towards social and financial goals. “The addition of Bmeaningful helps broaden our reach to the socially conscious professional and provides a platform to showcase for-profit companies commitment to social issues” says Geoff Earle, Chief Operating Officer at CharityVillage.

“With the shifting demographic in the workplace towards Millennials combined with their employment preferences towards careers with purpose, Bmeaningful makes a great addition to our family of companies. We are pleased about the opportunity to add more choice and value for our clients and users.” Says Mary Barroll, President of TalentEgg. TalentEgg attracts over 4 million students and recent grads each year and works with many of Canada’s top employers.

“We’re excited to stay on and continue to grow Bmeaningful and are thrilled to join the family of companies that shares similar values and commitment to hard work and innovation” says Amanda Minuk, co-founder of Bmeaningful. CharityVillage and TalentEgg will provide Bmeaningful with the necessary resources to continue and expand its sector leading career resources and job board.