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"What kind of walk should we do for the camera?"

Today we had some visitors in the Egg Carton: 2 students from Guelph-Humber came to interview Daniel and I about TalentEgg and the process of finding entry level jobs online.

It was pretty fun having the opportunity to speak directly to students about some of the fears they have in relation to leaving the comfort and safety of education for the wild world of work and careers.

It was also somewhat funny. For example, in one part of the interview I explained how students have to sell themselves when applying for jobs…. And then said “but not on the street”. I’m 25 and immediately felt like a middle-aged woman making an inappropriate joke.

Daniel and I also had (too much) fun doing our ‘walk down the hall’ shot.

Hopefully our new friends from Guelph-Humber will share the final product with us and you’ll all get to view these magic moments for yourselves.

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  1. Sounds fun! Except for the awkward middle-aged part. You’re not THAT old Lauren. 😛

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