I’m on a bus at the moment travelling from St. Catherine’s to Toronto.

I’ve just been in St. Catherine’s speaking at an event on entrepreneurship as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

I spoke as a representative of the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, which has provided me (and 2700 other entrepreneurs) with startup capital and- more importantly- invaluable support and mentoring.

My speech was brutally honest. I spoke of the successes of TalentEgg as a business, and the sometimes juxtaposing experiences I’ve had as an entrepreneur running the business.

This, of course, has got me thinking more on entrepreneurship.

So, in the spirit of the speech I’ve just given as well as Global Entrepreneurship Week, I’ve just posted an article in the Career Incubator that tells my story (The TalentEgg Story)– how I ended up as an ‘entrepreneur’ and what I think the key ingredients are for anyone else out there that wants to try it out.

And it all started with dreams of becoming a famous, successful actress :-p